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World Trophy Highlights - Round 09 Belgium

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. here at last on its debut the FSR World Trophy Highlights for Round 9 Belgium

    If there is any improvements i can make (besides the late upload) can you put in the comments below if not enjoy the presentation
    Ron Squire
    thanks to James Peutherer for Footage and Mikko Puumalainen for Race Checks
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  2. It is promising as work, but there are to many "meanwhile"s. What happened with the rendering, the video has poor color depth like 256 colors, what made the video not so enjoyable.
    I like it cause you believe in what you are doing.
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  3. Tamas the color depth was terrible becuase it was compressed to save time
  4. OK, got you, I didn`t know it.
  5. Some quick feedback:

    You have to work on those graphics, they look quite simple, but also way big:


    Compare with this:


    Think also that here the layout is to show the race winner, so it contains even more words than yours, otherwise it would have been a bit smaller.
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  6. Thanks David will take into Account
  7. Almost the same as David, what I mentioned on the other topic of yours a week ago.
  8. ok already working on it tamas
  9. Yep graphics are too simple and too big in my view.
    And your voice is way too quiet / game is too loud.
    My question is :
    do you write a script before making the vid or just commentating without a script?
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  10. I think that a serious talk with Simon, will simplify the work, of course if he doesn`t feel his position unsafe :laugh:. Some of his advice will help to improve your work in every way and I think that the result will appear in the upcoming materials.
  11. i put notes down to give me ideas, but the videos just gives me more ideas of what to say and i havent really sorted the sound level out properly of the video itself except my voice so was the problem and for italy a new overlay will be release might be like simons but using AVS Video Editor graphics Nonetheless
  12. anyway if my voice for problem is not fitted properly after monza i might give Liam Jenkins a try on this
  13. The intro feels realy good but kinda feels like mario kart music love the real formula 1 sound.

    Also high your voice volume
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  14. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    Looks good Ron! Covers the race events nicely.

    As mentioned before already in this thread, my only criticism is the sound level of your voice. Needs to be louder, or the engine sounds need to be turned down. And as David said, you could probably make some of the graphics a little bit smaller.

    I'm not familiar with AVS so can't help with you graphics there. I make all of mine with Photoshop.

    Keep it up! :)
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  15. ok will do si Thanks
  16. I can lower the engine noises when I record Monza. We are looking to maybe bring Liam Jenkins onboard, but we are not sure yet
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  17. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Ron, are you even double checking what you've done? At 07:44 you say Franz retired in Eau Rouge. Well, it was me who retired on that moment. Epic fail, I'd rather say it's bad news for the highlights producer :p

    Tuomas Koriala
  18. yea it was major mistake there tuomas sorry about that
  19. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    Until you've spent 10+ hours of your day covering a race with 20+ drivers over 40+ laps, trying to create a detailed highlights package of the event, you have absolutely no idea how easy it is to make mistakes like this.

    Considering Ron has only just started making these, he's doing a great job (as is James), and I'm sure they will only get better as they get more experienced.

    The highlights may not be perfect, but describing them as an epic fail is a bit ridiculous. If I was driving in the WT, I'd be honoured to have someone willing to put in their free time to create videos like this.
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  20. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Although it's a bit odd he didn't notice it since Franz was 5th in the results. I'm not complaining as if this was a really poor highlights video, and I'm obvious to the fact Ron just started.

    Just telling him to keep a proper look :D