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World Trophy drivers title review 2010

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ben Phillips, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Ben Phillips

    Ben Phillips

    Formula Sim-racing World Trophy 2010 Review
    Formula sim-racing closed the season in the world trophy division with a bang at Abu Dhabi Yas marina circuit.
    The Final race was close between Aalberts and Tusting, Aalberts has been a force to be reckoned with in the final push to the season finale.
    Pedro Melim the world trophy champion secured the championship at Monza with a epic win beating his team mates to the flag.
    All season Pedro has shown that despite not grabbing pole position every race he has superior race craft and the intelligence to push the car when necessary. This makes Pedro a more than worthy champion.

    Allar Foht secured p2 in the championship battle with not even attending every venue on the calendar, If only he was to race every circuit he surely would have been able to give Pedro a thing or two to think about being as Allar is arguably one of the fastest world trophy drivers on the grid.

    Eduard Mallorqui throughout the season has shown promise and talent whilst not showing race winning pace early in the season he did however teach everyone a lesson in Abu Dhabi Setting the fastest time in qualifying and then starting from the pit lane to race through the field to finish on the top step of the podium in light of the leaders penalties. Surely a champion in the making given his recent form to gain p3 in the drivers championship.

    Ben Phillips finished p4 in the championship, Ben did not race the first 3 races in World Trophy but showed he can finish high up the order despite his qualifying being his Achilles heel.
    Ben displayed good race craft and ability to compute situations as they unfolded to avoid dramas which could have compromised his races. The best result came at his home gp Silverstone which was second step on the podium in p2 whilst qualify down in a dismal 12th position.
    In his season finale he secured another p2 with the leaders cutting over 30% of race laps.

    Ivan Kaloyanov finished his championship campaign in 5th position. Not racing every venue this season has no doubt cost Ivan valuable championship standings, However make no mistake Ivan has shown he has great pace memorably winning the Valencia gp and setting pole at the opening round in Bahrain.

    Martin Gosbee lands p6 in the championship. Martin has been a little like a flower this season, Spreading his seeds around the paddock (world record for most team changes in a season) but also getting bigger and better as time goes on. Martin made his first win of FSR 2010 in empathic fashion starting from 18th on the grid due to a penalty and winning the race. By his own admission his latest form has dropped away along with his motivation. Let’s hope we get resurgence from Gosbee in 2011.

    Kjell-Einar Svendsen claws his way into p7. Svendsen has shown good pace at most tracks but also shown he is a very good close quarter’s racer. Best and memorable result being Brazil were he finished 4th but looked like he could of gained a couple of extra places when heading to the line and hampered by some illegal moves.

    Emre Uysal claims p8 in the drivers title race. Emre has had some ups and downs this season, He has shown great pace at most venues but also let down by some mistakes costing him positions in the championship. Will be interesting to see how Emre does next season as he should of been higher up this season.

    Ajibola Lawal. Great pace and race craft also winner of the Canadian GP. Ajibola failed to make every race this season and the p9 in the title shows this.

    Alberto De Juan. Alberto did not have the pace to match any of the above drivers this season on pure pace, But finishing in p10 shows everybody that he has been a consistent point scorer and good all round driver .Alberto would be a very good choice for a top team who wanted a second driver to secure a championship in the constructors.

    This is my review of the World Trophy top 10 drivers championship standings.

    *all comments were not presumed as offensive, If anyone feels offended by my post please first accept my apologies and contact me so I can edit this post.

    Have fun in the preseason and 2011 winter series!!!
    Hope this was a good read.

    Ben Phillips
  2. Martin Gosbee

    Martin Gosbee

    Nice overview Ben well covered for all drivers & Thanks for the world record of team changes :p
  3. David Dominguez

    David Dominguez

    Good review Ben !

    I'm very glad to see both of you Eduard and Alberto in the top 10 :)

    Well done ! It was a very good combo at Racing Factory, Eduard with his talent and Alberto with his consistency :tongue:
  4. Martin Gosbee

    Martin Gosbee

    5 Team changes in a year :( I wanna try and make that a 0 for next year xD
  5. Alberto De Juan

    Alberto De Juan

    well done Ben!
  6. Roald Reurink

    Roald Reurink

    Nice read Ben!
  7. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    Thanks Ben
  8. Pedro Rodrigues

    Pedro Rodrigues

    Good job Ben!