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World Series - Title Fight Preview

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Atze Kerkhof, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. The reason I'm quoting this sentence is that I feel the urge to explain my current stay in WS. I have this feeling that many people are wondering why I'm still driving there and not in WC. With all the respect for the great writing (!!), I think the words "reluctant to leave" doesnt really describe my situation in WS correctly.

    Basically, if it was my own choice, I'd be driving WC since Monza. Unfortunately some regulations don't allow me to. Now that the max 3 races in WC and WS is temporarily removed, there is still an agreement that doesn't allow me to race in WC sometimes.
    PMo and Twister Racing have an agreement that max 5 drivers of each team can compete in WC. Twister currently has 5 contracted drivers active in WC, so with a normal grid, there isn't space for me to drive yet. Until somebody can't drive WC at Twister, I'm able to fill in. That's the whole reason why I'm focussing on the WS championship. Since I'm still new to simracing, this is the best way to gain race experience the rest of this season for future purpose.
  2. Thanks for your explanation Atze, I meant no offence. It's surely a compliment if people are wondering why you are not driving full-time in WC :)
  3. Great article !
  4. Indeed, good one! :)
  5. Lol Atze, there is a easy work around to let you drive in WC,.. be creative!!! Realy a shame to hear this.
  6. Nothing wrong in taking advantage of what the rules allow. In fact I think we might see a lot more WC drivers in WS next season if the rule keeps as it is, but we'll see about that.
  7. I'm very happy to announce that I will be driving for Twister Racing WC the rest of this season :).