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World Championship Report: Monaco Qualifying

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ben Jacobs, May 20, 2012.

  1. Bono Huis clinches a fiercely contested Pole Position
    It was the Precision Motorsports car of Bono Huis that crossed the line fastest in Monte Carlo this afternoon ahead of GT Omega driver Rasmus Tali, whilst a scruffy lap from Morgan Morand left him three tenths behind the championship leader, taking third place.
    The streets of Monte Carlo were once again alive with the roar of Formula SimRacing Cars this afternoon, as Round 4 of the FSR World Championship got underway at Monaco. Following a closely contested start to the season, spectators waited with bated breath as the first qualifying session began.
    Qualifying One saw Bono Huis put under significant pressure after a few uncharacteristic mistakes and a large amount of traffic left him with no choice but to make numerous runs with little success. However, come the second session there was no doubt to the pace of Huis, crossing the line with a clean lap of 1:13:322.
    "Disappointment for Morand"
    Morgan Morand saw his fortunes take the complete reversal of that of Huis after a fantastic 1:12.7 lap saw him dominate the first qualifying session. The second session however, was not so fruitful. A scruffy lap by Morand's standards saw him three tenths behind his championship rival, leaving him a disappointed third place. On a track where qualifying means everything, it was far from a satisfactory session for the ATR driver.
    Further down the field, it was a chaotic, messy experience for some. Precision Motorsports driver Jack Keithley ruined both his car and his session when he suffered a massive accident at the final corner. The accident came after the Englishman squeezed his way into Q2 by setting an identical time to 11th place man Kostadinov. A few minutes later and Fredrick Nilsson suffered a similar fate at the swimming pool; losing the rear end at speed in a heart-stopping high speed collision with the barrier.
    The Monaco circuit and its infamous corners.
    The real excitement, however, lay in the final result. Bono Huis again demonstrated his extreme capability to guide his car through the unforgiving barriers of Monaco and sat comfortably in the garage as we watched the rest of the field struggle to match his well executed qualifying lap.
    "Huis dominates"
    Behind him, Rasmus Tali pulled a fantastic time out of the bag, despite clipping the wall in the first sector, and will no doubt have high hopes for the remainder of his race, aiming to bring back a large haul of points for GT Omega Racing.
    Stay tuned for the result of the Formula SimRacing World Championship Monaco Grand Prix.
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  2. The Race report will be up later in the week, as I can't watch the remainder of the race live and put it up straight away :)
  3. Cool stuff there Ben, check youre pm box or the internal chatting and let me know what you think.;)
  4. Great report. This is the kind of stuff FSR needs. Hopefully it will be put on homepage etc.
  5. Yup great stuff and more can be expected from our new FSR news reporter:D
  6. Thanks for the kind words. In future I'll try getting the race report up on Sunday too.
  7. Great news!!! And great report from Ben.