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WOooHOooo RD F1

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. This should be a ton of fun. It's for all of us and those that would like to run the car but are affraid to lose the SR. Myself and a few others were wanting to race this car but never could get a race so we are doing it ourselves. Everyone is welcome and it should be a total blast, we are going to try to do a mock version of the real race. First race is at Indy, there will be others if we get a good crowd. I would like to see a grid of 24 cars like real life. It doens't matter if you are the fastest or the slowest. We will provide stable fast setups for everyone, come have some fun with us.

    RD F1 there here
  2. I'm interested. Can't make this Saturday because of a prior commitment, but will keep an eye out for any future races.
  3. Sounds great Joe, I'm in if I can... 70+ laps... can we have half a dozen fast tows please... ; 0
  4. Why only 70+ laps? Shouldn't it be at least double that?
  5. no, it's actually 77 laps. That is the real race length for F1 when it was at Indy last.
  6. sounds great,but Saturdays are a no go for me. Working every weekend. Had to take the day off just to do the Star Mazda's. Have fun guys
  7. I had Will change the rules to unlimited tows, so if that was stopping you from joining us today don't let it. Come have some fun with us.
  8. It was a F1 road race not an oval race. Mirrored the real life race length when F1 last used Indy.