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Wondering how many of you tune your car before race?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Olli Kauppinen, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Are you tuning your car before races? Does settings (or mods?) in RSRBR affect car settings other than tires? I mean like gravel mod, tarmac mod etc. when choosing car. I checked topic about car settings, maybe i'll try some of those. :confused:
  2. The only thing i generally change is the steering lock, and the gears (3 different settings).
    For the rest i don't touch it unless very difficult combo's of stages and surfaces come up, like japan on tarmac.
    If i touch it, usually in the suspension area, that's it.

    Again referring to the Escort rally from last club day. I came in with zero prep, first stage wrong car, second right one, but changed my ratio to 540┬░ before 2nd stage. Wich is my normal way of going in, found it the Ford kept on spinning out. So went back to default and it flew.

    In the beginning it's best anyway to keep it default and get used to different car behaviours with different cars.
    Learn what can be tuned and how to do it the right way.


    hat's the official manual probably written by Richard Burns himself, on what to tune how to.

  3. I rarely change anything. Main reason is that the interface is not very user friendly, and you have to change or load your setup every time you start a stage in an online rally (the only thing I drive in).

    There are quite a few people here who do tinker with it, and most have great results, so I'm guessing it's worth it :D
  4. Yes, the default car setup will usually change depending on which Mod you select. ie. a tarmac default setting will be quite different to the same car if Gravel or snow mod was selected. Some mods will use the same setup though. The only way to check is to select the Mod, choose your car, and then check the setup parameters in the Tune Up section. Often, things like brakes are quite different between gravel, snow, and tarmac. The game always tries to give you the best setup for that surface. So, usually, for most cars, the default setup is generally quite good.

    Until recently, I have rarely altered setups for my Rallys, except for gear ratios, steering lock, and brake bias. The exception may have been for specific cars where I found the car very difficult to control. However, recently I have started trying to learn about setups and have been trying different settings to understand what affect they have. Sometimes, it results in an improvement, but it depends on your driving style, and of course, the difficulty of the car chosen. Mostly, I am trying to make the car more stable and easier to drive.

    For anyone new to the game, I'd recommend sticking closely to the default setups until you are very familiar with the driving physics, the car, and the Stages.
  5. Thanks everyone for replies! I thought that gravelmods, tarmac mods etc. had some tuning included. I'll stick with those and some gear ratio changes for now.
  6. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    No never. I don't have time for any practice, and the few times I get to practice, I have to "learn" to drive all over again, cannot think about settings then? Default all the way!
  7. I change absolutely everything, generally I have a setup for each stage/each round.... Unfortunately I have no idea what Im doing, which is probably giving me a massive handicap (well thats my excuse and I am sticking to it) I dont even try others peoples setups.

    I normally start with say the stock gravel set up and then start to tweak that, then use that as a base setup for the next stage, which I then tweak further etc etc. one thing I would say is pay attention to your toe in/out as messing with other suspenders settings will radically effect this.(usually to the understeer/dark-side)

    NoooooooOOOOoooooooo I am not sharing my set-ups, purely cos I would be too embarassed to let anyone know just how wrong you actually can set a car up. BUT, I do believe that all those buttons and settings are part of the game and should be fiddled with, cos if I eventually ever do figure what the h#ll they actually do I might improve. Good luck to you all :D

  8. Gerben Kelly

    Gerben Kelly

    I change nothing, only on default gravel or snow stages with the tarmac mod and a lot of bumps I use the default gravel setup with slicks :p
  9. Yeah I have a couple of "basic" setups I got from my teammate in JME Rally :D and I must say they are superb :D one for each surface, all I do is adjusting the gear ratio :S Wish I knew more about setting up my car tho, but I dont dare to mess up anything on my current setups.
  10. Only put the Steering Lock to max. I leave everything else alone.

  11. I can strongly advise you to look into the manual then, it could help you out alot if you love tuning yr car.
    Page 17 starts about the tuning off a car, with all the explanations what happens when you do this, or that,etc... in it.
    It's in my first post in this thread. :wink:
  12. I read them all, unfortunately, due to limited brain power and a distinct lack of anything like a concentration span, it is still is a case of 'trial and error' for me when it comes to tweaking :cool:. Also I do not 'love' tuning, In the same vain of; if there was ever a big red button anywhere that says ' DO NOT PRESS' I just cant resist it.

    I find that I like a loose rear (I hear you cry 'don't we all')/ a bit of oversteer, so that started me reading the manuals and messing with diffs/ shocks and geometry.

    But if I am brutally honest the real reason I started tweaking was because when I first started RD RBR you lot were so dam quick (then there was Seb...) I thought that you MUST be using fully tuned settings. I am horrified now to discover most use default, and am gutted to think how many practise hours where wasted making a good default setup undriveable instead of learning the tracks (which is the first thing I should have done) LMAO

    awwww well at least I am learning (not to hit big red buttons)!
  13. Guess i could use my over spare time for car settings, not to make videos to youtube :p NAAAH i hope i soon get to other cars than peugeot. I can't drive FWD.. I don't drive it in real life either. My first car many years ago was FWD, after that 4WD or RWD. I think that there aren't any RWD or 4WD for grade 4?
  14. In not sure, but I think you need to get to grade 2 before you get the 4WD (unless you can get group N on grade 3)
    So you might aswell get used to the FWD car :p I wasn't very used to it at the beginning, but i practiced alot with it before the first rally, and managed to get into top 5 grade 2 drivers on the overall scoreboard with the crappy FWD car :p beating alot of S2000 and N4 production class drivers.

    When you get the hang of it, it starts to get fun :D
  15. Grade 3:-
    * Grade 3 drivers are limited to Rookie, J-RDRC and Production car classes.

    So you can get AWD pretty soon.
  16. :whistling:new to the sim will stay on default for now apart from steering adjustment love this sim:whistling:see ya on the stages soon
  17. I almost always mess with brake pressure. I usually find that I lock up everywhere with default settings so usually move the bias forward and decrease the pressure. I guess I just have heavy feet =p
  18. Actually, that is pretty normal for me too.
    Have you tried adjusting the "Curvature" settings in the Options/Controller Setup. For the Brakes, I have quite a lot of curvature to allow me to have more sensitive control of the Brakes. It helps me a lot.
    Of course, this depends on what sort of Controller you use, I use a Wheel.
  19. haven't tried messing with that yet! but I definitely will now that you mention it, I'm using a g27 wheel+pedals, soon to be getting the nixim spring mod so hopefully that will give me more expression with pedals.

    First I need a better stand to anchor everything down though, right now my pedals are just sitting on a bit of carpet and the wheel is attatched to a thing I made out of 2x4s
  20. You may find my Settings helpful then. I posted some settings that I used with my G25 Wheel (should work ok for the G27 too).
    I now use a Fanatec GT3 but still using similar settings.