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Without aids and manual gears.

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by MaGNo, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. How do you make better time, with or without aids? Gears manual or automatic?

    I play and automatic aid, but say they are better times without aid or gears manual or less.
  2. Theres not that much in it although its easier to get quick using aids, takes a whole lot more practice with no aids (yet a whole lot more enjoyable when mastered). Manual is always better, more engine braking = shorter braking distance.
  3. Manual is far better than automatic.. atleast thats one aid that you should avoid using.. there will be a big difference in your lap times with manual transmission..
    TCS.. once you get used to it, you will find that it will always provide you better acc and even deceleration ( for me, dont know about others) and you will find fraction of sec in crucial corners..
    as for ABS, i always find myself getting better exits and entries in corners with abs off..
    so for beginning, i suggest you go to manual and tcs to medium... you will see there is a whole lot of difference.. and once you go completely without aids.. you will definitely reach a different level of enjoying and experiencing this game..
  4. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I have to say that not using the aids and going manual gears is definitely the way to go to get quicker lap times. In my previous sim racing experience (GP1-4, Nascar, Indycars, GPL, Toca, GTR, etc..) I always went this way but with F1 2009 and 2010 seeing as it had been so long since I had done any racing I started off with most of the aids on and auto gears and then I kept putting off changing this until I started the Time Trial Competition where all aids and auto gears are not allowed. Best thing I did was to join in the competiton as it forced me to abandon everything and go fully manual. It's far and away the best way to drive, you are far more in control of your lap and changing gears when you want as opposed to when the computer decides is a HUGE improvement. The hardest thing I found to lose was the dynamic racing line which I was using for corners only and did struggle without it for a while. You gradually beging to recognise little things that help you decide where to brake and then it all just becomes automatic. Try not to use objects that can be destroyed as your braking markers though... I did this at one track and then suddenly it wasn't there and I was into the corner and off before I realised!!

    Try without the helps but do give it some time and don't immediately go racing around the track at full pelt.. build up the speed gradually and find out how it feels without all the helps on. Not sure if there is a favoured track for learning... I turned everything off for the Wet Melbourne Time Trial and I find that quite a challenging track anyway but it wasn't too long before I was matching and beating my pre-manual times.
  5. ok, thanks a to all
  6. I totally agree with Hammerpgh, did exact the same thing. I just chose Monza to start racing without assists and manu gears, because at this track you don't have to shift that much and you can and is a little more forgiving.
  7. I really don't know how is with aids 'cause in every game in which i played since Grand Prix 2 for PC , when I start a new game i turn all aids off immediately....but i think that for how you are a great driver it is almost impossible go faster than with aids on (only automatic gears make you slower) but have ABS and TC ON...could make the definitive difference to do the best ever lap...
  8. I did that today at shanghai, next lap i heard "yellow flags in s3", so im at 300+ down the straight only to realise the marker had been hit and wasno longer there im lucky there was gravel or i would have had to retire lol.

    Manual gearing is always a must, I just started using my right analog stick for acc/dec (crap controller no triggers), and I was pleasantly surprised on the change to braking distance needed.
  9. MaGNo, you'll probably find it difficult to adjust when you first try turning off all aids. Don't get discouraged - there's a bit of a learning curve, but if you take it slow you'll learn quick enough with practice. Drive slower and gradually build up speed as you become more comfortable with the car's handling. Good luck. :)
  10. I can also recommend after trying all off and just about managing then switch TC back to medium for a short while as your anticipations that have adjusted will be forgiven a little more boosting confidence and helping you work out what the car is doing, then going back to turning it off and again you have another confidence boost when you manage quite okay without it and build from there. That is how I am doing it and and finding this way much easier, but is only advice from my stand point as I, like you, have a lot less experience than most here.
  11. well ive being trying this all weekend and used a faily easy track. I started slowly and built up my speed, dont put your buddys TT ghost on as it just distracts you 'points at Fahad''.

    you might think its slower but after a while it gets fast, and i defo notice less understeer and overthrottle, hel i even started short shifting.

    it comes slowly but worth it, im now 1.4 secs behind my buddys time and hes quick, see fadors silverstone video, very quick. check my video after 13 laps of trying, not perfect but getting there.

  12. @chris - lolz.. im just an average guy still trying to learn mate..
  13. Oh and if your goning take off all the assists i would recomend keeping the race line on until you know the race line fully, helps wih indication on where to break,
  14. i think assists should be something thats tangible.. so DRL could have been counted as a non assist.. but.. in the real world.. drivers dont have drl either..