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Wishes for the 1st Patch, wishes for a (maybe) DLC

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by GTA Realizzer, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Hi!

    Here are the first things, that I dislike, some might be bugs, other are my wishes for a patch or a dlc.

    The two buttons for the Pit-Limiter and the Pit-Stop-"Announcement" should be back, I'm playing with a Saitek P990 Pad, everything works fine, and of course a lot of Gamepads, Wheels, and of course a Keyboard would allow, that this two keys can come back. I do not like, that we can't have this features anymore. All happened because of CM's way to work with their wishes for default settings at the Xbox 360 Pad. Shame!

    Why only 5 years in career? No one will understand, why there are not the 7 years like in the last game? As I played the game first yesterday for about an hour (have not had more time), I wasn't even aible to choose the length of the career? Have I not noticed anything? Where you can choose? As I see, nowhere. So I liked the way 2010 was handling it way better.

    This two things are wishes, maybe that is already allright in the game, haven't checked it out:

    The numbers on the cars should change after the season, I mean, come on, that could not really be a license problem. Everything would still be the same, only number changes does not affect anything for the real teams, I think.

    Are there already changes in the garage situation? I mean, No.1 and No.2 driver are in the right garage? Does it change after there has been a new decision for chaning No.1 and No.2 during the season, or for the next season?

    The PC Version of the game (which I have) would also allow more fans at the tracks. Everything as empty as in 2010. I can't belive that. That should be changed.

    A wish would be, that they can put the team and driver names over the garages. Don't think, it is that much complicated. It would only be, if there would be driver-changes during the seasons, which are not happening, because of the licenses, what I can understand. So, this should be aible to do.

    Hardware Sound should be back (don't know what is so complicated with this, GRID has everything fine as well, why not CM's F1-Games?), as I have a Creative X-Fi Xtreme-Gamer card, which sadly nearly becomes useless for the F1-Games.

    In the 2010 game the range of names to choose for what you want to be called (like McLovin' and so on). This should be back.

    I noticed, that in the box, the game is a little bit stuttering, anybody else noticed that, too? I have i72600k, 16 GB RAM, GTX 580 and so on, so it is not a hardware thing. Drivers are not complete new, 266.58.

    Also I not noticed any AI-DNF so far, no mistakes or crashes of the AI

    The Press Conference with the 3 best drivers should be back, not that single interview with David Croft after the race of podium-finish.

    No drive into parc fermé, no winner lap after race, no podium celebration, no sideview to your teammate in the garage to see statistics for the battle with him....bad, bad, bad

    That's all for the moment,

    GTA Realizzer
  2. Need a fix for the blocky dry line textures, quite happy with everything else...so far :)
  3. nothing stated here is really a problem for me. unbalanced ai in wet conditions, lack of ai agressiveness when overtaking, horrible ai performance at race starts (corner 1) and spring stiffness setup bug, these are the huge deal brakers for me. if these ones were solved, i would call this a perfectly brilliant f1 game.
  4. I think something need to be done about traction control still letting noobs drive at full speed through the gravel after hitting people like me with no assists, leaving me doing 360's, 720's etc.
  5. I would like a graphic on the track maps to show us where the DRS zones are for each race. I'm driving too fast to see them on track, so I have to look them up on Google. Unless I'm being dense and missing something?
  6. This isn't bug mate. This was wrong codded last year. F1 Rules are clear: on Pracitses and Qualifying max pit lane speed is 60 km/h. In race they can run 100km/h. On some circuits race limit is 60 km/h too (Albert Park, Monako, Valencia, Singapore, as they are street cicruits and it could be dangerous to drive faster). So don't blame Codemasters for something they did correct. I'm really plesaed with correct pit speed limits :)

    Things to fix so far? Dry line for PCs. Harder driving on rain with slicks. Equal AI pace beetwen Q and R (I checked Malaysia with fuel sim off - Qualifying PP was high 1:33, but Race pace was around 1:31)

    So far nothing else. I love rubbering and marbles, this is the best graphic improvement in this years game.
  7. this absolutely. it seems they've delt a serious disadvantage to those of us that want to run with no assists. this is definitely backwards, assists should slow the car down.

    Also the pit lane speeds aren't bugs, those are NEW RULES for certain tracks and I think it shows great diligence on CM's part to reflect that certain tracks have slower pit lane limits than others.

    I think a patch should be introduced that slows down Assisted driving and something that makes it so that corner cutting is penalized. Singapore is a joke, you don't have to follow the lines AT ALL, Montreal is also like this...I can take the last chicane in 4th/5th because there's no penalty for cutting the corners.
  8. AI changes for the most part.. every other feature in the game works well for me..

    The AI using DRS with heavy rain conditions are just retarded.. come on..
  9. I wish AI was quicker on race starts Turn 1.
  10. Bit more agressiveness in the braking zones by AI (most notably DRS braking zone at Istanbul) and a few qualifying time issues (Malaysia), otherwise it seems like it's hit the nail on the head nicely. Oh and AI on Legend being the same pace in both Single player and Co Op Career.
  11. @john robertson

    in melbourne they gave me atleast a few warnings for corner cutting
  12. I'd like to to see the patch address the incident warning system, for example, patch it to tell me there's an accident on track BEFORE I reach it, not when I've passed it half a mile back....I mean seriously, what's that about? It's as cracked as it was in 2010. Upside, at least the race engineer isn't constantly saying: Webbers 30 seconds behind you, try to build a gap. Eh? A gap? What like 30 seconds isn't a gap in F1? :rolleyes:
    • save game corruption
    • other game crashes
    • spring stiffness bug
    • corner cutting
    • AI speed in damp conditions
    • assists in multiplayer
    Those are the biggest issues for me, I think CM should fix those in a first patch asap. Everything else, such as lack of AI aggressiveness, or, as an alternative, the introduction of the "you can only make one defensive move per straight" rule would also be nice, but they can wait until the problems above are solved.

  13. /thread lets just send this list to CM with a bomb threat attatched
  14. This list is really good, would like to add my stuff from the first post of this thread, and I guess we would all be a whole lot happier with the game. The AI-Spped in the rain is as bad as always, that bothers me. Corner cutting is a prob, too, yes. Game crashes - I not had one until now. Spring stiffness bug is needed to be fixed. Ugly dry line would also be appriciated. Save game I did not notice any bug either.
  15. Id like to see them give us an opportunity to give a position back if we make an error while passing and cut the corner a little. As it stands its an immediate penalty and very frustrating.

    GTA Realizzer, a few races into the season you can check your status compared to your opponent, it just eases you in by the looks of things. I just started my China race on carreer mode when they showed the option to do it...

    I like that we can go to race director and see what tires the others around me are using. So far i havent seen any mechanical failures but like i said, im only in race 3. Ive seen the mistakes which i liked, i think Vettel span in Melbourne and Hamilton made a mistake in race 2.

    One thing I am very very disappointed in is the damage. It is terrible.