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[WIP] World Champions Mod

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Maxime Parquet, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I had the idea to make a mod that would be applicable in F1 2011, but could also be done for F1 2012.

    Principle, put in teams (some change of name for the occasion) most drivers world champions since 1950.

    For the moment, I made a first draft of what would be the starting grid:


    Driver 1: Mika Häkkinen
    Driver 2: Lewis Hamilton


    Driver 1: Michael Schumacher
    Driver 2: Kimi Räikkönen

    Red Bull:

    Driver 1: Sebastian Vettel
    Driver 2: Jody Scheckter (no other RBR world champion)


    Driver 1: Juan Manuel Fangio
    Driver 2: Jenson Button


    Driver 1: Alain Prost
    Driver 2: Damon Hill

    Lotus Renault

    Driver 1: Graham Hill
    Driver 2: Fernando Alonso

    Force India McLaren Old School

    Driver 1: Ayrton Senna
    Driver 2: James Hunt

    Toro Rosso Ferrari Old School

    Driver 1: Niki Lauda
    Driver 2: Alberto Ascari

    Sauber: Brabham

    Driver 1: Jack Brabham
    Driver 2: Nelson Piquet (senior of course)

    Caterham Lotus

    Driver 1: Jim Clark
    Driver 2: Mario Andretti

    Marussia: Tyrell Williams (2 mixed teams for 2 drivers from different teams)

    Driver 1: Jackie Stewart
    Driver 2: Alan Jones

    HRT: Williams Old

    Driver 1: Keke Rosberg
    Driver 2: Nigel Mansell

    tell me what you think, I will certainly need people for graphics mod (cars, garages, pit crew ...)
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  2. change button and hakkinen ;D
  3. Why would I do that ? Hakkinen became world champion with Mclaren, and Button with Brawn Mercedes x)
  4. Wow, that is not a bad idea !:thumbsup: hope you succeed !!!
  5. Great Idea :thumbsup:,but two questions:
    Will the cars performance change ?
    And how will you do a mixed team ?
  6. Yes, the cars performance will change, and for the mixed team, i was thinking about a livery like the old BAR.
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  7. Okay, the idea with the mixed livery will look kinda strange; are you thinking about historically correct liveries or more like contemporary liveries based on the old color schemes?

    I like the idea very much, but there's a lot of work in it; you'll need some good skin modders to do that, or you'll have to learn it yourself :)

    But thumbs up for the idea! Hope you succeed!
  8. I'm not fix on the mixed livery, maybe I will use a Tyrell livery, because of already two Williams teams (old and... well, less old).

    I started the work for the french language file, all drivers names and bio are in the game now, team names are in too, and I changed the Force India files by McLaren files in order to apply a 1994 McLaren livery, looks really good, it gives me an idea of what would be the final mod ^^ I also use the Senna tribute Helmet, Prost Sega Helmet, Mika Hakkinen 1996 helmet, Ferrari F399 livery, West McLaren livery, and Williams 1994 livery for the moment, just to test with different liveries. I have some pictures I can show you later.

    Oh, and I already added KERS for Caterham, Marussia, and HRT.

    Of course, I will mention from who the liveries and helmets come, I just don't remember right now x)
  9. Yeah, I was about to remind you of that when I read your post :D

    Wouldn't it also be nice if no team had KERS at all? A bit more like the old days...
  10. While playing with Senna in Singapore, i was asking myself about no kers at all, yes, I'll see later ^^
  11. Two names of great drivers are missing (at least in my opinion):

    Jochen Rindt, for he was the only driver ever proclaimed World Champion posthumously.
    John Surtees, for he was the only man to ever be World Champion on two AND four wheels.