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WIP Section of mountain rally.

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Jose Guerra, May 6, 2009.

  1. Fiction mountain rally section, to r-Factor.



  2. Hei,
    Hi man...
    Your name is well known in RBR's world, and it is nice to have you here too.
    I am glad you joined the adventure of trackmaking, and hope your projects will be well-made as your cars!

    Don't hesitate to ask to the "oldest trakmakers" for help! :victory:
    (ps: keep on working...very good track m8!)
  3. It would be nice to drive on this track in RBR with a Punto Super 2000... :wink2:

    Nice to see that you're also interested in Track making!
  4. Thank Andrea if I have some problem with BTB I wonder, in this forum are well prepared.

    A greeting and a hug.
  5. 4.5 KM. :wink2:

  6. THX for R.Soul, repair of curves, greater resolution of the mesh.













    Seems a modern game as I wanted see, thank you again.

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  7. some day soon (heh, ok it won't really be soon) I'll start a thread on road design since I've found many interesting things lately..

    but till then, since you are at that perfect spot for these tips, here they are =)


    there are a few subtle things goin on in most roads that many people don't see when you are driving, around every day ..

    - road crown - all roads have some sort of water shedding slope the minimum slope in most conditions is 2%, usually each lane slopes in opposite directions, except in some steep terrain on narrow roads it is 2% for both lanes across the road, downslope

    - Superelevation - this refers to the transition of the outer lane from sloping away from the corner to being banked with the corner - there is usually a 10-17m transition before the corner where this takes place - also, on some low speed limit roads there will be no superelevation except on the tightest corners.

    - corner widening - this refers to the degree of extra width that is added to a road so certain types of vehicles can safely drive the road in their lane - common cutoffs are box truck/bus semi, and dual trailer semi.

    most narrow mountain roads ban semi trucks, for this road I would guess only box trucks and buses are allowed ..

    anyhow here are the diagrams:

    corner widening: (any tips on euro standards would be welcome, I can only find us data)


    ( roadway, 2%typical, shoulder 4% typical, road edge 1:6-1:3) - I think the max roadway slope depends on local rainfall and drainage, I think 6% was the max I saw for paved roads - gravel has greater slopes for all but the road edge(grass/gravel embankment)

    Edit: added some more from another post:

    here, they did a pdf of all the road cross-sections here:

    http://your.kingcounty.gov/kcdot/roa...000Roadway.pdf (.pdf 3mb)

    from: http://www.kingcounty.gov/transportation/kcdot/Roads/EngineeringServices/RoadStandards2007.aspx

    this is from california and is in metric too:
    http://www.myhamilton.ca/NR/rdonlyre...adDrawings.pdf (.pdf 9.6mb)

    I can't find any specs from europe, don't know what to search for :tongue: and can't find anything about tarmac mountain roads .. but maybe it will help someone.

    from: http://www.fao.org/docrep/006/t0099e/T0099e03.htm#3.1 lots of info there. (these diagrams are for a 3m wide forest logging road -gravel- 2.4m wide trucks)




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  8. Thank you for fantastic information, is very complete.

    Fortunately, even there where rain accumulate in the asphalt simulation games. jejeje.

    This road is fiction, and based on roads in northwest of Spain.

    Attempt to make it more beautiful and fun, unsecured hehehehe.

    Already thought in superelevacion and Cross Section, is easy to make in BTB, and with your help I will be more easy to do, thank you.

  9. yea, I figured since you were already doing start and end sections (the transition) it would be a good time to add the superelevation and widening at the same time 1-2 panels down the road =)

    actually the widening is the one major thing they forgot in original RBR, its why there isn't enough room to slide on many very tight corners, where there would be IRL.

    edit: :rofl::rofl::rofl: just looked at the mod, thats perfect! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  10. Yes hahahaha.
  11. actually they didn't forgot it, at some point there were a couple of articles on net, RBR deveveloper's diary or something like that where some of the devs was talking about how they went on foot in alot of places and analized the road width and camber so i'm quite sure they didn't forgot anything :) but anyway, if the roads from RBR are not respecting the parameters you've posted is because IRL roads like that are not really seeing much traffic and they are shaped mostly by the terrain features not by engineers :)

    anyway, even though the road standards may or may not apply to offroad rally tracks it is still amazing to see you taking the shape of the road very seriously because it hurts seeing bad camber and turns, personally i belive preparing those profiles and the physics maps should be the first thing to do when making a track, everything else is secondary imo.

    ps. rbr dev. diaries part 2 and 3. no part one unfortunately, maybe someone else has the link for it.
    it is not much but is inspiring :)
  12. yeah, they could have made them wider, i'm not saying otherwise, i only wanted to point out they were aware of these kind of things at the time and the result was a matter of choice and resource management not ignorance or memory loss.
  13. THX for all.

    My leg is fictitious, and in Spain these standards are not always met especially in the North of Spain.

    But thank you for their interesting contributions