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(WIP) SEAT Cupra UK 2007 and 2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Kenny Press, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. I've started working on the Cupra UK championship for the seasons 2007 and 2008, decided to do this in memory of one of the drivers, Tim Bevan, who raced in the championship. He lost his life in a motoring accident.

    As there already is a Cupra mod with some if not all of the 2008 Cupra cars on no-grip I have decided to do this mod with a twist. I am using the Extreme Leon instead of the standard WTCC Leon to be used as the Leon Cupra. So far I've converted it into FWD and slowed it down, but for added fun I've left the car stabilty as the Extreme car so its got massive grip through corners :)

    Heres a screenshot:

    Liam McMillan by SEAT Leon Mad, on Flickr

    Also a video of the very first test of the car, where better then a good Hillclimb :)
  2. nice work mate!
  3. Tim Bevan 1976 - 2007. Not so famous for racing, more famous for having a different livery at each event during 2006 and the start of 2007:

    Race Cars - SEAT Cupra Championship 2007 - SEAT Leon Cupra R - Tim Bevan - 69 - Beaver Metals WAAP Racing.com - Round 1 - 070401 - Brands Hatch - Steven Gray - IMG_6279 by stevipedia, on Flickr

    TimBevan20 by www.bazpics.com, on Flickr

    TimBevan4 by www.bazpics.com, on Flickr

    Seat Cupra Championship by Holbon, on Flickr

    Brands Hatch 9th April 2006 BTCC 018 by gary_foulger, on Flickr

    And now in game:

    2011-08-18_00003 by SEAT Leon Mad, on Flickr

    And yes the Toledo is modded to match the Leon's performance :)