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[WIP] RBRVersus plugin

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Karlip, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome to the RBRVersus introduction topic.

    RBRVersus is a plugin being developed by pspalo with the help of Karlip. Its goal is to have 2 people have competitive rallies.
    In other words, peer-to-peer.
    The development is ongoing, slowly, but going.

    - More details soon, we'll keep you updated.

    1#- We had some progress: basic menus were done and two clients received sent packets. If anyone wants to help us out, please reply!

    2# - RBRVersus is reaching pre-alpha 0.1 and we have finalized syncing the stage, split times and car. Currently being added: more track options(weather) and car options(tyres, transmission(now added transmission(2.09.11)). We are not adding setting up the car at the moment. Full focus is on network stuff at the moment.
  2. Do you mean 2 drivers running the stages at the same time like a race circuit?
  3. Yeah I'm very curious about this too cause if 2 cars can be on the same track at the same time... then it would mean we can have actual special stage duels in RBR... which is very cool
  4. We're actually trying to implement multiple modes to choose from, one for example is 2 cars starting at the same time and the second is cars starting with a 30 second follow. Third could be 'Time Trial', first and second car start at same time but neither can see each other.
  5. so nice!!!! I wish luck to the developers!
  6. I can only say to you keep going!!!

    This sounds fantastic!!! Actually a bit surprised only 4 replys in 2 days.
    We all should support this, Who knows in the future you guys maybe develop a plugin where everybody can start with 30 secs after eachother... Imagine...

    Keep going, i would give you my full support!

    Even just training with yr teammate would be crazy like this!
  7. I think it is great idea, but it will be better if you can start as it is in normal live 3 min after eachother
  8. Hello everyone, i'm currently the only one developing this plugin. If someone happens to know anything about coding with the RBR plugin, please let me know! We could use someone like that.

    Currently i'm working on the plugin menu to allow for connection, commands, lobby design, etc.

    This, amongst other gamemodes will be choosable for the hosting peer, as Karlip said.

    - pspalo
  9. @pspalo
    Did you ever have a look at the RBRnet plugin thing ?

    I think this does more or less what you are about to implement.

    Actually never tried it, but this seems to be a plugin where one host represents the server role, up to maybe 16 (as far as I remember) clients may connect to race against each other.

    Sounds like reenventing the wheel.
  10. Yes, we've taken a look at it but it has an insanely outdated version of the language used IMO. and besides, it doesn't have any inside-the-game-menus for conformity. + i wanna make one myself. But otherwise it's exactly what we're planning to do.
  11. Ok, now you have cleared up what you are trying to do I can say PLEASE DON'T INCLUDE BOTH CARS ON THE STAGE TOGETHER so they can "battle" along the road. If someone wants that they can drive SEGA rally. That is not rallying.

    If you make something where cars leave at 30 sec - 1 min after each other then I am all for it, that would be great.
  12. unless its a super special stage designed to have 2 cars run together :D
  13. sorry Rick, but why they wouldnt include that? you are not force to drive any of game modes the plugin will have... I dont see any reason to behave like that :confused: the idea of 2 cars at the same time is just amazing to implement, superspecial stages will get new feeling

    EDIT: Ninjae'd
  14. Good on ya, mate.

    Rick, rally cars often crash ahead (released at large intervals) and can cause an obstruction or throw up dust for other drivers. It is actually more realistic. He said a number of times it can be set by the host.
  15. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    Nananananan, fantastic idea!

    But as a lot of users have said, include some sort of textfile like you can adjust the drive delay. :)
  16. I'm keeping a close eye on things as they develop and anything arcade-style won't get into the plugin, relax. We want to make the RBR experience competitive between players and keep its realism, or even make it more real.

    Guys, if someone has a full list of memory addresses for RBR, please personal message Me or pspalo, would be greatful. Development isn't going as smooth as we had hoped but it gives us time to check everything before going on.

    The client that hosts the game will have options to choose from also.
  17. Really good idea, but...

    ... you need to make (or have) a superb net code like in the rFactor! This idea will make the rallies much more realistic, just have some free time to stand before your computer, waiting for to enter the stage :D But this idea sounds really good! :)

    Good luck for this project! :)
  18. I don't think you'll be able to crash into a car, that looks kinda impossible to do, for me as a layman. It will probably use the ghost car feature, which is already incorporated in the original game.
  19. Yeah, we didn't talk about that, but you are right, we won't make cars collideable.
  20. Yeah the ghost feature sounds very possible but it will be extremely difficult to implement. I wish you guys luck. If you guys can somehow make your opponent's ghost appear and complete with you at the same time then the super special stages would be an absolute joy to complete in. I'll keep a close eye on this.