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[WIP] Malaga hill climb - A 7000 : for RBR

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by liquido, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. wow, you are generous! I hope you can get it working again on your comp!

    I'm interested in trying to play with it to see if I can get better than the 10-20 fps I can manage with your exported track. (no disrespect, I can only do 35-55fps with original tracks @1080p)
  2. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

  3. Thanks mate...we can work together as you know to finish it with max and wallaby...I'm improving my skill now! :cowboy:
  4. do what you want, my work is for free. you can start deleting a lot of unless trees ;)

    i kwon that.

    but all the link of this section redirect my self to a place where is imposible upload any archive... i try to find the upload section but i didn´t found it as i said.

    i want to upload.

    thanks delu77 acctually i´m so tired, i need to take a breath.... i´m not able to play in RBR under plugin RX, the checz plugin works fine, the idea of walk all wallbay procces without play in my stage is hard to eat for my self, and things in my life go bad and really hard, yes i´m alive... but really fuked acctually and i know that every will worst, hard times.
  5. you are not able to play because your game instalation is screwed up, not because the plugin is bugged, i really don't understand why don't you make a second clean install of the game, last time i've checked it takes like 5 minutes max.
    you can keep the curent instalation folder, in fact you can have as many different instalations as your harddisk can handle :
    http://www.bhmotorsports.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=41734&highlight=multiple+folders or, if you don't like renaming folders, you can easily change the game path in registry and shortcuts.

    and as a note, "the czech plugin" and the RX plugin are totally different things, RX loads and renders the track while the other afaik moves files around and interfaces the server for online championship, the only thing they have in common is they are both plugins but thats all, is pointless to even mention them in the same phrase.
  6. jharro i buy a original game from the web, only to make a clean install of RBR, and it´s the same.... I format my PC completely and only for RBR clean installs, acctually I only have RBR and BTB installed in my PC, only requeriment needs... no others mods or plugins in RBR, i kwon checz plugins work becouse i test it before, last month the only thing i do in free time is format and reinstall all about RBR.

    one guy put me in the rigth way.

    if you look inside the RXCONTENT folder i upload... there is no COMMON folder.... maybe it was a virus (KAVOS trojan) I really don´t know what happend, but BTB don´t create this folder anymore for my self.

    please, can anyone create a simple proyect under BTB 0.6.6 and upload the entire RXCONTENT folder?
  7. you have to copy those files yourself when installing BTB.

    they are located here:

    C:\Program Files\BobsTrackBuilder\Support\RBR\RX_CONTENT

    from the help:

    Exporting to Richard Burns Rally

    Thanks to black f and his hard work I am now able to offer export directly to Richard Burns Rally including all the new shaders now used by BTB. Some preparation is required before export begins:

    • Make sure you have installed the Richard burns Rally patch 1.02.
    • Copy the following files and folders from BTB into your Richard Burns Rally folder, and overwrite if prompted.
      • BTB\Support\RBR\Plugins
      • BTB\Support\RBR\RX_CONTENT
      • BTB\Support\RBR\d3dx9_35.dll
    To export to Richard Burns Rally:

    1. From BTB, select File … Export ... then select the Richard burns Rally tab.
    2. If running for the first time, locate your Richard Burns Rally folder.
    3. Enter a Description and Folder name for your track.
    4. Select a Tyre Choice.
    5. Click Export.
    If you have a newly installed version of Richard Burns Rally, make sure you have run the game and completed a track first before attempting one of the BTB-generated tracks.
    If you have an old graphics card, that does not support shader 3.0, you will need to tick the Disable Instancing in order for the object to draw properly.
    If you want to record your new track with Fraps in RBR, you need to change the record button in Fraps, to F5; F9 is used by the plugin to make the track disappear.
  8. i do this step by step... 3x but for some reason i don´t know... there is no comon files in my RXCONTENT folder... so please, please... can anyone upload his onw RXCONTENT folder ???? please...

  9. thanks, I miss that point. i upload the stage before some test that one guy is doing for my self.
  10. liquido, as 42Cliff just said, you will find the "Common" folder inside BTB after instalation, usually is inside:
    C:\Program Files\BobsTrackBuilder\Support\RBR\RX_CONTENT\
    and it exists in almost all the BTB releases for almost a year now.

    here is what the rx_content looks like after i've exported and loaded a track, as you asked.
  11. you can belive or not... but with my common files from BTB dosent work.

    with that uploaded files from jharro i can run others olders version from my WIP... but with some bugs in 3d objects (collision=disapear) this last proyect under BTB 0.6.6 don´t work. :(

    firts i test your simply road and it´s work... before i do a simply test and its works.... fine... but if i try to export this last proyect (42Cliff , you said that it´s runing at 10FPS) i have the same blue fast crash.

    why before BTB 0.6 i allways see the load screen from RBR with my stage name instead coste d abroz and then crash... and now if RBR crash i only see the blue screen??

    I want to say that i´m fool and forget to insert comon files all times, and now every is OK, but it is not true :( there is something wrong i my PC.
  12. not following exactly what your problem is, but is it just your project that isnt working or anything you create, cause ive downloaded your track and tried it out and i get the same problem it gets stuck on the blue screen, so i did a little testing cause ive had a similar problem before where i had some object or something stopping it from loading, i started deleting everything to the point where i can load the project, but after a while i found that if i only delete wall 76 it would load no problem, so if it is only your project that isnt working try deleting that wall and see if that helps.
  13. I get low fps 10-20 (avg 15-17) cause I run my media center pc as my primary work machine, and when I built it I had no idea I would be using a tv as my display. I'm only running a 6600GT and amd 4200+ so its pushing it to do what I want with long and accurate tracks like you are trying to make since I have to run at 1080P instead of 720p (no menu text@ 720p) I also have that stupid onboard audio that causes RBR to crash constantly.

    I'm mainly working on things I will be able to run on my next pc, whenever I can afford to upgrade - but even so, I understand completely the frustration of constant crashing.

    you are running vista? or xp? I know some people are having problems with vista...

    also, just to remove one more variable.. are you running your os in english? could that affect it?

    I'll try and mess around with your project this weekend to see if I can speed it up for me a bit, maybe after I mess with it you can try a export I make and see if that works for you.
  14. the common folder contains only a subdirectory with a shader in it and yes if you don't have that file or if the file is damaged or if the shader for whatever reason(old directx, old gfx card/drivers) is not loading the plugin will crash the game, that is indeed a bug but the thing is you can see that right away. look inside RX_CONTENT\TEMP\log.txt, you'll find something like:
    RXTRACK::LoadTextures ... 
    RXTRACK::LoadEffects ... 
    		LoadEffect() : error in RX_CONTENT\COMMON\FX\shadowvolume.fx
    you'll see the blue screen during track loading (it has nothing to do with the BSOD btw, it could have been any other color) and is there because the rendering is paused, i probably need to add some animation there but that will only slow the loading process.
    for big tracks it may take considerably longer to load mostly because the ground collision meshes are also calculated during loading and thats quite alot of processing so you'll have to wait.
    usually that is done offline and in theory it is possible to calculate those meshes externally, in BTB in example, but the thing is you'll still have to wait one way or another, and again, for long tracks that blue screen will look frozen even for a couple of minutes depending on how many polys are in driveable surfaces and how fast is your cpu. there is an easy way to see if the game is indeed frozen: run it in windowed mode by adding
    Fullscreen = false
    at the end of your RichardBurnsRally.ini, in that way you can check RBR's status in Task Manager.

    is ok to see the cote d'abroz loading screen because the plugin uses that track slot to load the custom tracks, it could have been any other slot so you can ignore it.
  15. thanks you again... i now go for relax and later reinstall every with patience and good letter, i learn a lot of things, hope it solve.
  16. Same conclusion here, wall76 is the problem
  17. last question....

    can anyone see that 3D object in RBR??


    thanks for the wall 76 mistake.
  18. I don't see it in RBR