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[WIP] Highway

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by skybh, May 8, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody ! :)
    I wanted to show you something i'm working on, another highway :p
    So i use the textures from mountautobahn (by some1)
    The main road is done, but after the bridge, the track looks a bit empty so i'm searching for some idea.. i don't think the track will have enter/exit..
    Here are some pics :
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you've some ideas tell me :)
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  2. Nice ! Maybe you will put there something like petrol station? :p
  3. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Go all out and have services: petrol station, KFC, shops, etc.
  4. I really love this kind of track. Free open roads. nham. I have one wip here, something that I call "Brazilian Roads" LOL

    Can you add a mountain? and an off-road track between big and dark forest (like speedtest 3) where you can go to a hotel or a summer house?
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  5. hum i worked on the track again :)
    I've added a tunnel :
    And some two bridges, there is an exit to "cut" the highway, the first exit is after the "viaduc" and brings you 2km after the tunnel, i'me working now on those roads ;)
    The trees looks crap (i've changed to xtree shader bit i still do not like, the don't "do" shadow)

    Also, most of textures (i would say 90% are from some1's mountautobahn)
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  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    That looks great so far, nice work dude :)
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  7. Very good! Keep it up!!
  8. Brilliant work man! Been wanting something like this to cruise with my cousin!
  9. Wow! Great place to do 120kmh on any car :D Keep going skybh
  10. Thanks, i think a beta will follow soon
  11. Tunnel looks good !

    The image with the white AMG & its shadow, what's happening there, just for curiosity ?
    I experienced the same issue, I think with the latest Racer version...so I wasn't that excited to keep it as a stable version...
  12. Looks good. :)
  13. Waiting for a beta...

  14. Be patient.
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  15. I'm fed up with persons who are still asking "when you will release it?" "will it be able to download?" etc. it's pretty annoying. Maybe you don't know that skybh has also his private life and he is not sitting in front of his computer and creating cars&tracks to racer? And, if you want to have some new tracks, why don't you start to create one?
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  16. Just a question, did you use google translate for that?
  17. skybh, Which version of racer are you using to test your great creation?

    Looks good, keep going with this track.
  18. Hi, it was done using RC4 and RC5 i think, about a beta why not, i don't realy work on it now :(
    but most of textures are not mine (a lot from some1, one from swiss mountain etc)

  19. Yes. ;p My english is not so good. I know google translate is shitty, but I couldn't find my dictionary :p