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WIP - Formula Racing Legends

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Kenny Press, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. This skinner will go to sleep one day :)


    An idea by Jempy (JP Blanchy) to make a series with all great drivers from the past, from hero's to the ones that never got the chance to prove it.

    The original idea was to use older single seaters for this mod to try and make it more authentic, but off the top of my head I don't know any pre-2000 F1 mods for Race 07 so with that in mind and the fact the Formula Race Room cars are just plain coloured its been decided to use that car for this mod.

    In the list so far are these drivers:

    Roland Ratzenberger
    Ayrton Senna
    Jim Clark
    Jochen Rindt
    Gilles Villeneuve
    Dan Wheldon
    Marco Simoncelli
    Elio de Angelis
    Michele Alboreto
    Ronnie Petterson
    Riccardo Paletti
    Stefan Bellof
    Francois cevert
    Piers Courage
    Jo Stiffert
    James Hunt
    Graham Hill

    As this is only 16 drivers we want to make it to 24 so if anyone wants to suggest a driver to be added to this list please mention it. It can be any part of motor racing like Single Seaters, Touring Cars, 2 Wheels, etc.....

    Heres a few screenies to get you going:

    2011-10-24_00003 by SEAT Leon Mad, on Flickr
    2011-10-23_00002 by SEAT Leon Mad, on Flickr
    2011-10-25_00004 by SEAT Leon Mad, on Flickr
    2011-10-25_00003 by SEAT Leon Mad, on Flickr
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  2. nice!
  3. Jempy


    Good idea to have the annoucement here. Thanks Kenny.

    It reminded me names I had momentarily forgotten: Bruce McLaren, John Surtees, Jack Brabham and Chris Amon.

    Nice work, ... as always. :thumb:
  4. Jempy


    I've looked again for other drivers and found 4, trying to have a variety of cars and countries:

    Here they are:
    - Mark Donohue on Penske PC1
    - Patrick Depailler on Tyrell
    - Didier Pironi on Ligier JS 11 ( to avoid another Ferrari )
    - Dale Earnhard ( Nascar driver, but a real monument in the USA )
  5. There is a F1 mod for i think 1996.

    edit: it is 1997
    Link removed
  6. Jempy


    Of course Lars, as this one too: Mak-Corp 2007 Formula 1 League Edition v1.0

    First, there's a permission to ask ...
    Besides, this is of course a fictional mod as all drivers and skinned cars didn't have the possibility of racing together ( different years and cars ).

    So, good to have a fictional car at the base as FRR. Same base for all, lighter mod as it uses the files of FRR, free addon that most Race07 users have.

    Our first intention was a kind of tribute to these legendary drivers of older times, when racing conditions were not as safe as they are nowadays, even though motorsport remains dangerous.

    Maybe Kenny will give another answer ?:)
  7. Maybe, lets wait for his answer.
    (i olso liked the idea of the FRR but those from the mod look more authentic:))
  8. Thanks for the link, but to use that mod I would need permission from the creator and is it from scratch or legally converted from another game?

    For now we will use the FRR as I've alreadly done 6 cars. It would be nice to use older F1 cars mixed with newer ones :)
  9. if you want this i could ask permission.:)
  10. Jempy


  11. Dan Marr

    Dan Marr
    Staff Premium

    Guido Falaschi: He was killed a few weeks ago.
  12. Jempy


    Still in progress.
    Drivers who won minimum 3 F1 Championships will be included, but not necessarily with the winning cars as this one:

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. what about a car for Niki Lauda
  14. Jempy


    He'll be in the list of course ! together with Alain Prost, Jackie Stewart, Nelson Piquet and Jack Brabham ( already foreseen ).
    They'll have the opportunity to race together ( fictionally ) ... what they couldn't do in their different times and ages. ;)
  15. How is it going with this project?? Would like to know how far you are and how likely it would be released! It would be marvelous to see this mod launched!! :D
  16. Still got a few more cars to skin, when I get round to it that is. Doing a lot of skinning for different mods at the minute, will try and complete this ASAP.

    If you guys want I could release what is done so far and if/when I do more skins I will release them as a pack add-on for this mod.
  17. Jempy


    This long delay is totally my fault. Sorry.
    I had problems for more than 2 months with my precedent Internet provider and had to change as they couldn't find the reason of my problems.
    Too much work afterwards and then 2 championships in a league ending this week.

    I still have to skin 2 helmets and have promised Kenny he'll have my whole serie of skins for the end of next week.
    I was planning more including a pdf leaflet with a short presentation of all drivers included in the mod ... but surely later. Hoping too maybe to find in the near future a modder who might change the physics of the car to make it a bit more difficult to drive.
  18. I think a lot of guys would like to try it out already, well I do :p If it could be launched with all the cars allready done and only just a few left, why not!! Add-ons are perfect to get in later, or am I the only one wishing to play it already? :p
  19. Are there any updates or news guys?