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**WIP** Fantasy Audi Works Team

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by MemorableC, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Click to enlarge. (Do not mind the rendering errors 3ds gave me nothing but trouble with crashing)
    Thanks to ML2166 for the wireframes and models

    Hello everyone! I am working, as you can see, on a fantasy Audi livery (the base car is the Toro Rosso). It will be publicly released when it is finished but right now I would love some ideas about what to do with it. Right now i feel that the front wing needs work because I did it quickly, the silver might need changing to a bit darker color, and it needs some more sponsors (would love some ideas).

    This modification upon completion will be a full conversion with the garage and team crew.

    All criticism is welcome and I will do my best to listen to it all.
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  2. Sorry, but it's too bland. Boring. Dull.
  3. ...not ideally but idea is excellent! ;)
    ...now there is no time but something I can offer later.
    don't pay attention to negative comments - all ok!
    Thanks for work!
  4. it not final version.
    why such comments? itself you can make something? :cool:
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  5. like the idea, try to draw some inspiration form their lemans winning cars, drop the infineon badge, we need to see the audi sport badge as well, also drop total use castrol edge logo instead
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. ...here it is worthy! :thumbsup:
  8. Thanks everyone, when I get home I will take everything under consideration.
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  9. I am also on a fantasy car. For me, there is some problem which returns one can less realistic, the drift under the nose in pink(rose), always seen in carbon.
    The use of two tankers(oil men) do not go.
    On my car, I also use castrol in simple sponsor and BP as oil supplier. But BP is an owner of castrol.

    All as different stand out with beer but belong all to the same parent company.
    Do not forget rivets, for datum realist's maximum.

    To realize a new team, I use an approach(initiative).Choice of the engine of the oil supplier and lubricating logo Pirelli

    Then I decide, equip with a sponsor head teacher(main clause) or not.
    Certain big sponsor, uses marks(brands) who belongs to them to promote them.

    And small team uses of false sponsor.
    HRT who uses Cristalbox, who does not have in reality to pay directly the team.

    The set(group) is rather good, good continuation.
  10. Salut warok!
    it would be interesting to see WIP!
    Il serait intéressant de voir WIP ! ;)

  11. :)
  12. Even if MemorableC said that all criticism was welcome - "Boring" or "Dull" are not criticism, but almost offensive. You may have your own opinion on this, but you don't need to express your lack of interest in this.
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  13. I quite like the scheme Ronin put up with the R18. Darkening the silver while adding the black through the body would make it stand out much nicer. Not a fan of the Playboy Bunny either, but thats just my personal taste on liveries. :)
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  14. Yes thats the plan so far, I didn't know that the r18 was striped like that from above and its now more interesting to me. The bunny is more a placeholder because they were one of the sponsors on an audi a4 in dtm a few years ago.
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  15. hello
    The part(party) before of the car do not please me any more, I have to work again her(it). I thought has to publish for a help, but to be frank, me does not expect for me from the whole to have it.
  16. well i like it will be nice when it becomes full aviable :D
  17. Nice start. :)
    By the end, it will be great. :thumbsup:
  18. If it´s possible to implement this livery onto the Toro Rosso: The result will be a great F1car!
    So keep on working on it, please!

  19. Just a quick update guys, I have been busy because of class but heres a start on the new layout. I have had to do this 3 times because photoshop is a pita sometimes:(
    Remember these are just a layout.

    The next update might not be for a while because I just bought a SSD :cool: and I might lose power for a few days because of a storm.:mad:
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  20. I think the dark parts would need to be just a little darker - but that's just my personal impression :)