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[WIP] ACE 1.2

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by RowingAce, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    over the last weeks I have been working on a new version of my AI mod. I managed to get the AI competitive (against players with standard setup) und out of sight-free (for all tracks in dry conditions, some tracks i couldn't get rid of it in full wet conditions).
    I also have adjusted Team and drivers performance.
    But I have come across a Problem with the calculated AI qualifying times. They differ very much between long and short weekend :/
    If I adjust them to be competitve in short weekend qualifying, they will be about 1 second too fast in q3 of a long weekend. It seems q1 of a long weekend and short weekend qualifying give the same times, but in q2 and q3 the get faster by about .5 seconds each.
    Does somebody have an idea for that? I am not sure where to look at ..
  2. Would it be easier to just make them accurate for long weekends? I'm sure most of the people on here still playing the game at this point aren't really playing short weekends. Just a guess.

    Even for guys playing short weekends it wouldn't be all that much trouble to skip and fastforward sessions.
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  3. Not an ideal solution but maybe if it can't be fixed you could do 2 versions? (one for long weekends only and another for short weekends only).

    Welcome back!:)
  4. To be honest if I'm struggling with my times in practice and qualifying due to various reasons i switch to Pro mode but switch back to Legend on race day, it kind of helps keep things real !! it's all about personal opinions i guess. It's always good to be able to choose from various options.
  5. my first post :p

    If im correct, in the database under the track_model tab, there are options for changing the grip of the track for different sessions. it does make a slight difference.

    maybe uve tried it already and it dosent work, but just my 2 cents.
  6. I tried editing the grip, it does not have any effect.
    For now I am adjusting them for short qualifying, cause I use that most of the times ;)
    Will maybe edit one for long weekends later.
  7. Hi rowing, good to see you back! Any ideas on a timeframe for the short weekend version? Or long? Just wondered if it's a long way off or something that might be coming very soon.

  8. @RowingAce Which values do you change in the database.bin to edit the simulated ai performance in qualy?
  9. hard_dry_lap_time_adjustment and hard_wet_lap_time_adjustment in the track_model tab.
  10. THX!