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Tracks WIP - 60's Hockenheim Update.

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Sergio Loro, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. hi all!
    i have been working to update 60's Hockenheim track, i have learn many tips and tricks in past months, so i hope to create a good looking track here :)
    most of work done so far at forest section, i tried to make a good looking german forest :)
    after that i am going to continues to work at motodrom area.

    Sergio Loro
    F3 Classics Tracks

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  2. DutchDevil79


    Looks great, good to see you still working on it.

    One thing I noticed:
    Are you gonna try and make the cut of between road and grass more natural? Now it is just a line with grass and road.
  3. yes, i am going to do it :)
  4. mantasisg


    Nice to see you still there, I was a bit afraid that you might be the one of those people who lost motivation after official forum closed modding sections.

    Really looking forward for your projects :)
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  5. hello to everyone!
    i just want to show you some work done at the new Motodrom. it is more detailed that previus one. still a WIP, for sure some adjustment needed, not sure about roof height.
    i place most of trees at "forest section" as you can see at one of screenie.
    Still a lot to do, but progress goes nice :)
    Thanks to everyone :)

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
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  6. more progress :) Motodrom area is at correct place now, plus i was working to recreate parking area just next to this . Next to do is Dunlop and Continental tower, pit buildings and sachs house :)
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  7. Pit box ?
  8. do you mean if i am going to make pit box?? answer is YES!!
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  9. DutchDevil79


    Nice progress. Keep it up!
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  10. Looks excellent, thanks for the updates!
  11. some more WIP report :)
    The motodrom tribune are set in place, most of vegetation for entyre course (long and short) done. i add some wire, lamp post, i made all the paddock area, add 3d grass for entire tracks. Progress go well and once i made front straight buildings track are going to look fantastic :)
    Enjoy it :)
    20160929222411_1.jpg 20160929222428_1.jpg 20160929222436_1.jpg 20160929222445_1.jpg 20160929222454_1.jpg 20160929222501_1.jpg 20160929222510_1.jpg 20160929222518_1.jpg 20160929222528_1.jpg
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  12. Great work! Looking forward to this track :cool:

    I think mod-making is the most magical experience, to take nothing but an idea and after lots of hard work, to be able to drive (on) it in a simulator as amazing as AC... that's as good as it gets! :D
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2016
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  13. start with a empty crappy layout and make it alive :) We are truly artist :)
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  14. i made the Sachs house, even is almost not visible while driving, it is a nice building and should be represent :geek:
    next to do Dunlop tower :D
    Enjoy it and send me a rain of likes :thumbsup:

    20161002205953_1.jpg 20161002210049_1.jpg 20161002210111_1.jpg 20161002210145_1.jpg sachs1.jpg sachs2.jpg
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  15. DUNLOP tower in place :)
    still nees some tweaks.
    Enjoy it.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 20161003224400_1.jpg 20161003224431_1.jpg 20161003224508_1.jpg 20161003224525_1.jpg
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  16. LilSki


    Good to see you still working away at the tracks Sergio!
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  17. i breath "60's track" :D
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  18. REM1976

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Loving this work, all of Sergio's tracks have a real retro feel about them. Always feels wrong to put a modern car out on these babies. Get me the Lotus 49, it's a Sergio track.
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  19. i cant drove modern cars on old tracks and old cars on modern tracks, maybe this has not sense but i just cant do it :confused:
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  20. Most old tracks are much more interesting. Take Spa for example. The current one vs the old layout. Eau rouge is about the only thing that is the same.

    I would prefer the old track any day.