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Skins WIP 2016 Audi R18 Skin for KS Audi R18 2014

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Bozz.gee, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Bozz.gee


    Hey Guys,

    Wanted to share with you guys my progress so far on this skin...
    I'm using Mudbox for the first time ever so I'm learning as I go and as you'll see from the pics below it isn't perfect yet and there is a lot of clean up work to do!

    Any tips, advice and constructive criticism is appreciated!

    Showroom_ks_audi_r18_etron_quattro_5-7-2017-12-34-57.jpg Showroom_ks_audi_r18_etron_quattro_5-7-2017-12-35-14.jpg Showroom_ks_audi_r18_etron_quattro_5-7-2017-12-35-27.jpg
  2. NielsTie


    Good start. Good luck with the progress. :D