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[WIP] 2002 Swedish Touring Car Championship

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by RemusRacing, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Just thought I would make it official that im making the 2002 STCC season. I did sort of mention it in another thread but thought a seperate one might be better. Anyway so far I have painted 7 cars which is half the grid lol :)

    Entry list included 6 audi, 3 vectra, 3 volvo and 1 honda

    Version 2.0:

    Race calendar that year, 2 races each event with pitstops
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  2. Good luck! I'll make the '99 Honda Accord when I'll get the time for it.
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  3. great news aand the '99 Accord will fit in with other mods too..... great team of people here !! :cool:
  4. Excellent :cool: cheers
  5. Is there guide for making cars standalone teams in a mod? I have made many cars and carsets for GTR2 and F1C in the past but I can't make any sense of Race07 lol! All my cars appear on there own but only in the original STCC 2000 mod. Obviously something im missing

    Started another Vectra today :)
  6. This might help http://www.nogripracing.com/forum/showthread.php?t=155273&highlight=Tutorial :)
  7. Nice one :) I was forgetting to change the class id so all the cars appeared in the STCC2000 mod
  8. Any ideas why my Audi and vauxhall vectra have weird green textures? The vauxhall rear brake disc is green and the audi is green around the wheel arches :confused: when I use one of the original cars it doesn't happen so im guessing im saving a file wrong. This doesn't happen with the Opel Vectra

    hope the links work


  9. Really nice skins there :)
    The '98 mod's structure is a little messy, because it was my first mod. Make sure the s40, accord and interior directorys are loaded in the .cas files of the cars and everything should look alright :)
  10. Thank you :) all sorted now

    Is the rear ring wing on the vectra paintable? Trying to change it to red and found the top but can't see the end plates or underneath
  11. This is cool :) another supertouring season :D
    But on supertouringregister it stand it's 6 Audi's entered this season. Colciago, Kristoffersson, Johansson, Erlandsen, Hammer and Tegelby
  12. I can't find any pics of Tobias Tegelby Brovallen Audi so wasn't going to include but thinking about it its probably exactly the same as the no 8 car of Tobia Johansson.
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  13. Sadly all the cars are on there apart from this particular Audi. I do have one pic I found on google showing a green audi at the back but I can't make out the sponsors.

    Should I include the car but it won't be correct or leave it out? Normally I like things to right and not fictional but it is a small grid already lol! Sadly most of the cars are going to be missing some sponsors as pics are limited
  14. You could include the Audi as it is and maybe sooner or later someone finds better pics and you can finish it ;)
    For me there would be no doubts about this :D
  15. Think I will include it and just change the numbers from no 8 Brovallen car to no 22 car. Will make the grid a tiny bit bigger and if pics are found I will update it

    Some pics of the grid so far :) some cars need a few sponsors moving to finish them

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  16. Looks really good :D
    Did they race Vauxhall vectras that year? Must have forgotten that.
    Maybe you want to help me paiting the BTCC 2000 cars later? :)
  17. Thanks :) from the pics they were Vauxhall and not Opel and they look like ex BTCC 2000 cars judging by the paint. My plan is to do STCC 2002 and then NATCC 97 but after that then maybe I could help.
  18. It could be the same car possibly but will have another look and upload the pic here.

    Thanks for the pics ;)