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[WIP] 1997 NATCC Super Touring Championship

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by RemusRacing, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Well I got bored painting STCC cars and I like the Status so thought I would make a start. Only started this yesterday so its not perfect and will be improved.

    This is very early wip as I want to finish the STCC 2002 first

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  2. Which cars can we expect to see in that championship? :)
  3. Sadly only some of the cars on that list can be made unless I find more pics, I have pics of Pobst, Crompton, Donohue, Dobson, Law, Cunningham, Granlund and Welch. I might be able to spot some of them on youtube videos

    The rest I can't find or the car model is missing
  4. Seeing Aussie names on there made me think of the supertourers at bathurst. they had a pretty health Supertourers series. May also be a look for skinning
  5. youtube has section of vid's but photos are ahrd to locate..

  6. Well I did make the 1998 Australian Super Touring Series for the BTCC 93-94 mod that was made for F1C many years ago. I still have all the templates so it might not be that hard to do :)

    I also bought the 1999 and 2000 seasons on VHS from Australia so you never know what might happen ;)

    Thanks for the links
  7. Nearly finished both cars :) sadly this will be my last update for a while as im back at work


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  8. Really NIce Work !!!
  9. great stratus!!!
  10. Great Idea:)!!

    I know the specifications for all of the 1998 Australian super tourers and if you are thinking of making the mod then a few new cars need to be made. There needs to be a Vauxhall Cavalier/Opel Vectra A, older Ford Mondeo (pre-facelift), Peugeot 405, Toyota Carina, Hyundai Lantra (if you can, very few images of this car) and a Toyota Camry.

    Thanks for mentioning the idea, if you need to ask me for help if you are stuck on car specs
  11. I've been looking for all the tracks for the 97 season and I can't find Toronto, Portland or Savannah. Does anyone know if these are available?

    The season included Laguna Seca, Cleveland, Detroit, Longbeach, Mid Ohio, Vancouver, Portland, Toronto and Savannah
  12. Only got two more honda accords to do :) The Mazda Xedos is missing and the Mondeo is the wrong model but hopefully the Ford will be made and added eventually

    The grid is getting bigger
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  13. well done , sir !!
  14. Savannah isn't available for any sim, if i know right.
    Portland is there for many other games, but i don't see it for Race. :(
    I have Toronto from F1classic site, but i don't know who made it. Even the topic itself deleted from there.
  15. I thought Savannah would be a long shot but like you say im suprised Portland isn't available. Remember playing it on F1C with the SCC mod and it was a good little track. Any chance of a link for Toronto for private use? :D it might be the track from Rfactor converted
  16. Hutchinson Island Race Track in Savannah, GA can't find it anywhere :( might use Fox Island which is posted over at no -grip
  17. isn't Portland also known as Vanport ??
  18. Not sure to be honest only heard of Portland

    Good find with Fox Island :thumbsup: nice little track and looks similar to Savannah based on the pics