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WIP - 1991 F1 Skins for Formula Classics

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Keith Windsor, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    It's not exactly the same but there is a whole set already, see here.

    Just in case you didn't see it. :)
  2. Thanks Tom, :cry: :sick: I probably wouldn't have bothered if I had seen them. What's worse is I actually downloaded that collection of skins soon after GameStockCar first appeared, but I only used a few from the 80s and deleted the rest, never realising the 90s ones were in there :redface:

    Still, I have since created many of my own 85 season of cars, and I think I might carry on regardless & finish my own 1991 set, as the other collection is a bit of a mixed bag.

    oh well...
  3. Updated all pics to higher resolution and added Tyrrell and Footwork pics to 1st post :)
  4. Added picture of Olivier Grouillards Fondmetal Ford, and Mika Hakkinens Lotus
  5. Updated progress and added picture of Bertrand Gachots Jordan.
  6. Updated porgress in OP;
    Scuderia Italia & helmets of Lehto & Pirro are done; only Minardi, AGS and Brabham left to do, and some general tidying up of all.

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  7. Updated progress in first post;
    almost finished the Minardi cars - Pierluigi Martini pictured here, not the most accurate rendition, but recognizable enough as the '91 version for now :)
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  8. Just done Tarquinis helmet, only his AGS and the two Brabhams to do now; and I am also working on some talent files to go with the skins :)
  9. I for one look forward to this! I like the idea of one season! Plus the more classics the better..
  10. Thanks Manuel, I may start a 1993 Indycar season set after this one :)
  11. Here's Gabriele Tarquini's AGS Ford...


    The AGS is possibly the weakest so far, I really struggled to find some of the sponsors, or pictures that are clear enough to determine them in the first place, I will continue the search and see if I can improve it.
    In any case, it will serve ok for my '91 season, and in reality, the 1991 cars did have much simpler designs and less decals than current F1, so that makes life easier :)

    Otherwise just the Brabham remaining, and the talent files are coming along ok as well.
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  12. Fantastic Keith :) Can't wait!
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  13. Mark Blundells Tyrrell BT60Y

    Just about done. Just need to make sure the talent files are about right, I am not being too pedantic about it, but it obviously needs to have Mansell and Senna at the front, with Prost/Patrese/Berger/Alesi right there, and then the rest.
  14. Great work Keith!;)
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  15. OK,
    skins are uploaded, I hope others will get some enjoyment from them :)
    The talent files do have room for improvement, they are always a bit random, but generally you will see the McLaren, Williams & Ferraris at the top, so it feels about right. (If anyone wants to improve them feel free).
    I must say I prefer to use hdv & engine files for each car/team so that the cars performance and reliabilty can be edited to match the season stats more closely, I have not done that with this set and it only includes talent files, but that works ok as far as it goes.
    I am happy with them for my offline season, but obviously if you see any glaring errors or problems running these, then give me a shout & I will try and help.