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Tracks Winton (V8 Supercars) 2.2

Winton for GSCEx

  1. Patrick Giranthon submitted a new resource:

    Winton - Winton for GSCEx

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  2. Thanks for this update Patrick, any chance of you redoing Phillip Island again, reason I ask is I'm getting very bright grey road textures not dark like Winton or Ipswich. Thanks anyway.
  3. Possible yes. Now working on barbagallo. A lot of work on It ...
  4. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Thanks for the update!

    There are now two Winton tracks from you in the resources section. Are you going to remove the old one?
  5. Yes, older can be deleted ;-)
  6. Nox

    Staff Premium

    I think you have to do that as the uploader :)

    Thanks very much for all your tracks!
  7. Did not find it :-(
  8. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Left hand side, scroll down, under Resource Tools.
  9. Patrick Giranthon updated Winton (V8 Supercars) with a new update entry:

    Some additions

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  10. Thank You Patrick, another great job!
  11. This is one of your best, Patrick. The graphical fidelity is very close to Reiza stuff here imo.
    Looks fantastic. :thumbsup:

    The tracks i have by Richo - Barbagallo and Winton - must be one of the best looking, best made custom tracks/locations for GSCEx, so respect to him as well. :thumbsup:
  12. Yes, a passionate guy. I need to update barbagallo , Ipswich, and some others.

    Thank you anyway :)
  13. No problems with FRetro, but tried the Opala now and I have the flashing screen glitch again, like on Monza historic... Don't know what's causing this...

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  15. Awesome!! Thank you for all Patrick. :)
  16. Patrick Giranthon updated Winton (V8 Supercars) with a new update entry:

    Big update

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  17. Thanks! Any easy way to have others (ie. Barbagallo, Eastercreek, Ipswich. etc.) get to also be in the V8_supercar folder? :)
  18. Yes. Copy the Line "venue name" in the gdb of Winton in other gdbs. The same as the Line you Will find for this track for any track you want
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  19. Hm, there's too much green in this version for my taste and it stands out too much/is too bright...I think it was less bright, saturated in previous version and it seemed more natural to me.

    Personally I would tone it down a bit and leave more dirt/brown patches as in above June 23 image. My opinion, preference.