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Wing settings

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Eifion Evans, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Despite the suspention bug, I think CM did a better job of the downforce settings this year. In '10 I could run stupidly low wing levels on virtually all the tracks but it's different this year. In an online race at Suzuka I ran 6/4 wing in qually and finished P2, 2 tenths off pole. The car felt good but thought I could take the rear wing down a notch to 3 to gain some straight line speed. . . I span two times exiting 130R and ruined a possible race win lol

    Im not sure if the difference between front and rear had an influence as well, a difference of 2 makes the car alot more stable than 3, even if overall the levels are low.
  2. I think it's all about the difference. The front wing is the part that gets the nose around the corner, the rear wing is there to stabalise you so you don't oversteer. More front wing = more oversteer, more rear wing = more understeer & drag. The only reason you want a rear wing >1 is to counteract the massive oversteer you get with a high front wing.
  3. So people are still running 1 rear wing at the downforce tracks like Suzuka, Hungary etc? Im talking about no assists and without the daft suspention.
  4. I'm running really high wings (8/11 for Instambul). I just don't like struggling with car to keep it on track. And advantage in fast corners is huge :)

    I can't imagine running 1/1 here.
  5. I found that you pretty much have to run a high rear wing on every track to keep the back in check..