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Windows live update

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Marshall, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. :mad:

    Well since the windows live update i cannot now run the game (PC) in my 3 x lcd, i used to open the game and drag acrros the scrrens and it would sort its self out. It now runs in full screen instead of windowed which is good, but i needed the game windowed windowed

    my Ggards dont have the eyefinity, but ive never had a issue running on 3 screens ( see attachments of HD dx 11 button crashing into me and webber)

    any ideas on how to run the game windowed now ?

    button crash.jpg

    hd upside button.jpg

  2. I heard new f1 2010`s patch will make this game oficially support multi screen...so wait for release of patch.
  3. Alt + Enter. Still works after the patch, used it myself to have a look at the setup forum without leaving game. Only on one screen mind you but it did window the game.
  4. Ive got 3 screens also with same problem ffs
  5. have you got eyefinity ? because they have put proper suport for that with the patch if you have not that could be the problem
  6. great

  7. as mentioned my gcards dont have the eyefinity, but still managed to spread the screens across, there must be a way to run game in window. I understand about TAB - ALT to desk top but thats not what in need, thanks for the reply though.

    we should have had a new option in the graphics menu to 'RUN IN WINDOW', they put a bench mark into so.

    OH and just for the record, just as i was starting the game after the update, it screwed my file save, so ivehad to start again from the beginining !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. nightmare eh, did you see my screen shots, lovely wide shots, like Imax !!!! sort of

  9. ahhhhhhhh you rippa, Many thanks
  10. ahhh NO,,,did the alt - tab and it now stretches across the screens not focused in the middle with nice wide views at the side. i aint buying 2 or 3 eyefintiy g-cards, back to 1 screen or i could buy this