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Windows Controller Order

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Chris Kennedy, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Does anyone know if you can re-order the JOYx number of your controllers?

    Currently my pedals are JOY1 and my wheel is JOY2, so when i load the g27 profile in Automobilista, all the button assignments are made to JOY1 (pedals) instead of my wheel.

    Seems like dumb windows limitation but maybe someone has found a way around this without messing around with registry, editing ini files or manually setting the buttons by hand
  2. JOY N# is tight to the USB port detection in Windows.
    The only way you can change it is to unplugged the device and replagg it on an other USB port.

    But Why does't bother you that your wheel is JOY2 ?
    Once you have done your own binding setup, it doesn't matter if it's JOY1, JOY2, Joy 25 as long as you don't unplugged/replugg your device on different USB ports
  3. thanks for the reply. well its just that it would be nice to use the built in profile rather than manually map each button (and work out which button is button 25 for each one, so that my profile matches the default).

    Yeah I also figured the JOY# was tied to the windows port detection stuff, so I will probably have to keep swapping ports until I get what I need. For AC it was pretty easy to just swap the JOY0 for JOY1 in the ini file (and keep 2 versions incase the JOY#'s swap again) but the rfactor ini files look a bit more complicated so this doesnt seem so practical.

    Shame windows doesnt let you just assign them to JOY#'s yourself
  4. My system with an t500rs acts the exact same way. But i found if i unplugg everything except my mouse and keyboard and wheel.....and reboot... then it will assign the wheel to joy 1. Then shut down...plug everything else back in and restart. Wheel should be joy 1 now and for good until it gets unplugged. Hope this works for you. :)
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