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Windows 7 updating issue, error 80072ee2

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ratfink03, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. New PC with win 7. Anyone having issues with Downloading Win updates.. Error 80072EE2 .. Wont let me download Win updates, trouble shooter, had trouble with plug and play drivers for one hardware item..
  2. Don't update it's that simple, ONLY if you are having issues with particular Games or applications or you KNOW that a particular Update WILL fix a problem should you update.
    Why do I say this , because MS cannot possibly know what every persons individual needs are regarding updates, I work in IT freelance and have had to reformat and clean out several Gamer's PC's recently because of automatic updates.
  3. Well after much head scratching and lots of research, I have discovered that the windows issue has been an issue with Linksys router. If I go direct from modem to PC, windows will update and it also allowed me to download drivers from Simxperience.. Its was a great but puzzeling discovery.. So anyway, that issue is over and I can move on to other tasks on my agenda to get my sim-racer up and running... thanks everyone