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Windows 7 + RSRBR 2010 install problem

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Inigo Moss, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Hi, the rallyesim site says for vista/win7: don't install in prog files or user directory but suggests C:/Games/RBR...
    Problem is the mod exe then can't find the game and there's no option to select the path :confused:
  2. For Windows 7, you need to install the original Richard Burns Rally to the alternate directory, ie. C:/Games/Richard Burns Rally.
    Once you have RBR installed correctly, the RSRBR2010 installer should find your installation itself.

    Have you followed our Installation procedure as described here?:


    EDIT: I just checked my installation program for RSRBR2010 and it does select my Installation path for RBR but asks me to confirm it or change it to another location if it is wrong.
  3. Strange...

    I recently installed RBR and RSRBR under Win7 Home without any problems. RSRBR found path to RBR and everything went smooth.

    I installed first RBR started it and I configurated, then I restarted Win and installed RSRBR.
  4. Wow, thanks for the quick replies. Incidently I've got Ultimate x64. I read somewhere that RSRBR includes all patches, but you're guide says install 1.01/1.02 first, so I'll try that.
    Also Rallyesim says make sure to create Mulligatawny profile before the mod but you're guide says the mod creates it :confused:
  5. I have 7 Ultimate x64 as well.

    The mod created it the first time I installed it. I reinstalled a couple of days ago, and I created it myself after I installed the base game.
    It's not important who creates the profile, it's just important that there is one. I believe it just unlocks all cars and stages, nothing special.
  6. Ok, thanks Senad
  7. Yes, RSRBR2010 will install the two official patches for you. However, the reason I have advised to install them before RSRBR2010 (in the guide) is to allow people to fully test their base RBR installation before proceding to RSRBR2010. I was being a little cautious, because some people have reported problems with their RSRBR2010 installation, but it has actually been caused by a faulty RBR installation.
    I always recommend that people make sure that their base RBR is working correctly before moving on to RSRBR2010, which is a massive mod.
  8. YES, another intelligent person that has found the JOY that is RBR........................................... BTW, HI;)
  9. Thanks for the help guys. Up and running now.
    Wish I bought this game years ago. I was put off by bad reviews :s
    Ok it's hard but the handling is perfect.
    Any tips for a noob joining public sessions etc?