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Windows 10, 3 Game Control limit ?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Darren O'Brien, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. I upgraded to Win 10.

    All seemed good until i went to run GSCE with my G25, DSD Button Box, Custom pedals and the SRD-9c Display.
    In game all work except I can't get the wheel to work if i have the Display plugged in ?
    Exit out and unplug the Display and then go back in game and the Wheel works ?

    No issue like this with Win7. I was able to have all working No issues at all.

    Is there a Workaround or anyone else on Win10 have this issue
  2. GSCE has a 3 controller limit. On any operating system. The order in which controllers appear might be different but the code always handles only the first 3.

    There are tools to change the order, but I don't have a list. Or wait for the next GSCE release, which figures the same upgraded controller support as the Steam version of rFactor 1.
  3. How did he get it to work on Windows 7 then?
  4. Never had a issue when i had Win 7.
    Was able to have the wheel, pedals, button box and display no probs.

    Never knew GSCE had a limit.
    Suppose see what the update does.
  5. You were lucky, the devices were probably in the right order. My guess is that the display has no buttons or other forms of input you needed to assign and that it was actually the "4th" device.