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Window Opacity

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by woochoo, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Is there a way to have opacity in materials? i don't mean by choma or alpha channels, but as in 3dsm and other programs where you set an actual opacity value. it seems this is what's happening with car windows and i would like to get that happening on windows in my buildings. does it need to be a gmt export from 3dsm or is this something btb or xpacker might handle one day?
  2. The opacity is done by using the alpha channel in Rfactor, you use shades of grey in alpha channel and set the alpha blend to multiple.
    The lighter the grey the darker the glass.
  3. i was hoping it could be done without alpha, as by a more general/blanket material opacity to avoid the zbuffer issue. oh well.

  4. to avoid the z buffer errors, adjust one of the materials to simply.and it would stop.great for fences and buildings with lots of glass alpha materials.
  5. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    That buffer you speak of, is that were you can see 'object a' through 'object b', even though 'object a' is behind it?
  6. yep.
    i'll try alpha on the front windows and chroma on the sides and back.
  7. yes, it also affects the car windows, where objects come through the tinted area of the car windscreen,so if you added the simply material it will stop anything appearing infront of fences.it only a work around, to really fixed it you need to talk to isi/rfactor...good luck

  8. alpha on the front of the building was causing trouble with shadows, but i've now made all sides chroma and it looks pretty good. it has indoor walls with chroma to, rather than 2-sided outside textures

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  9. nice job,woochoo:)
  10. thanks banger
    i should add that the tinted window look in the third and fourth shots is because they are chroma planes accepting shadows, so it makes the windows look tinted at different times of day, which is quite nifty. the internal lights in the night shot are just the back walls reciving the street light which i've (un-historically) bolted onto the front of the Longford control tower, so it give fake internal lighting too! pretty sweet deal. just need to finish the textures, inc lo-res internal walls, put in the major posts to add some depth and put some people silhouettes in there. should look pretty good for a low poly count (apart from the 3d stairs out the back. might 2D those too eventually).