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Win a free Driverslicense: FSR General Car painting competition | Deadline: 10.03

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Like every year the FSR Mod will include a FSR General Car, which can be used by new teams who have no own livery yet (or in case theirs is not working) and which will be used by all race Marshals, Commentators and Cameramen. This said, it is the most used livery in the whole FSR Mod.

    This year we want to give one of you the special opportunity to design this car and put your great piece of work into the history books of FSR.

    Send in your idea of a FSR General car (painted on a chassis of your choice, or versions for different chassis) to: isrclubpresident@formula-simracing.net until the 10th March 2011 23:59 GMT

    The whole ISR Club Board will then crown a winner car for each chassis which will go into the final Mod. From these 4 winners we will choose the nicest livery overall.

    The winner will get a Free Driverslicense for the Division of his choice, and the other 3 winners will get a 50% Discount on their Driverslicense.

    Everyone is free to join the competition and send in his Design.

    Please check this Thread to find all needed information to paint a car: http://www.racedepartment.com/fsr-n...-instructions-deadline-race-1-25th-march.html

    I uploaded a pack of FSR Logos to help you design the car: http://www.formula-simracing.net/downloads/2011_FSR_Logos.zip
  2. can i send i type of car paint. but it from LMS our teem????)))
  3. Well, as we are looking for a FSR General Car it should have a FSR Paintscheme, so a normal teamlivery wont have any chances to win.
  4. Is it allowed to give PSRTV logos on the car? Or meybe if you have any other 'sponsor', would be good to know. :)
  5. Hi,

    you can use any Logo related to FSR, however those are just the FSOne Logo and the PSRTV Logo for now (from both I have no High res versions)
  6. We decided to move the Deadline to the 10th March 2011 23:59 GMT

    To give more of you guys the chance to send in your designs.
  7. fsr again with psrtv, weeeeeee! :D
  8. Don´t forget, the deadline to send your liveries for the competition is tomorrow 10th March 23.59GMT.

    Don´t miss the chance to win a free driverslicense.
  9. ...just sent my livery. I hope it's ok. :) Keeping fingers crossed now that you guys will like it.:redface:
  10. I sent mine too yesterday i think. Can you confirm that you took it?
  11. yes it arrived