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Win a 3 month membership to iRacing, Halloween Spooktacular

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. In the spirt of Halloween RaceDepartment would like to present:



    1. Your screenshot must be new and never seen before.
    2. You may edit your shot if you wish
    3. You may use any racing game that can be found on RaceDepartment.com for your screenshot
    4. You must submit your screenshot along with your name by PM to Joe Hubbard
    or send a link where the shot can be viewed and saved
    5. Shots must be at least 800px wide

    Once the deadline has been met the screenshots will be sized and put into a poll for the members of RaceDepartment.com to vote on.

    The winner will recieve a three month membership to iRacing.com

    If there are more than 15 entries a second three month membership will be added for a second winner to
    be choosen at random.

    ** This offer is good for new accounts only and cannot be used with any other offer
    from iRacing.com **

    Contest starts 10/29/2011 and submissions must be in by 11/5/2011
    Voting will start on 11/6/2011 for one week...
  2. Ok everyone the contest is open for business, start getting your shot to together and sending them to me.
  3. what?, Nobody wants to win a free 3 month membership to iRacing? Just to let you know there are no entries yet so you stand a really good chance of winning!!! Start sending them in to me!!!
  4. 2 days left, and I still have no entries... I really can't believe nobody wants to win a free membership...
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Bit strange indeed. Free pick up lol
  6. yeah free pick up is a good way to put it... lol.... You do not have to pay anything at all for three months, after that if you want to continue it's what $12 a month if you pay single months and any additional content if you wish.

    Soooo costs you nothing unless you want to continue... Send me the screenshots!!!
  7. hmmmm, is there something wrong or what????? Not a single entry for this at all.
  8. I sent an entry, did you not get it?
  9. Nope, I didn't get a single PM from anyone.
  10. Oh, I certainly sent one, but its not showing up in the outbox :(
  11. PM sent back there Nick...
  12. All good, thanks :)