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Will's Paints / Garage

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Will Marquez, May 3, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]
    FCR Riley DP


    FCR Skip Barber
    *Thanks to Eric Violett for the base paint.


    FCR Corvette C6R WIP

    Team Gulf Riley DP for Abdul Ahmed
    Enjoy mate. Just don't beat me with this skin please! :)
  2. The skinning bug has gotten a hold of me and wanted to share em with you guys. :)
  3. [​IMG]
    FCR Star Mazda
    *Painted by Karl Twort
  4. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner


    I was close to getting the bug, RileyDP stopped it.

    Thanks once again Will.
  5. Been awhile since I've painted a car. And have been wanting to do this paint that I did awhile back in the Forza 2 days. Those who painted cars back then know how much of a pain it was to do it. Probably not the cleanest looking paint. But has always been one of my favorites :)

    Forza 2 Quiksilver paint (1000 pattern layers on ONE side lol)

    iRacing Quiksilver MX5 paint

  6. Lookin good!
  7. Yes I like it Will,must have been "'some"' work to get it all lined up
  8. Wow, really nice work.

    I'm about to launch a new website which can showcase the setups, paints, mods, etc. Not just for iRacing, but for many popular PC racing games.

    We'll be running a competition for the first month for 'Best Paint in Action'. Winning iRacing credits or something similar.
  9. Just having some fun with the Ford GT template today. :)




  10. Well if anyone feels charitable i would love a zebra stipped street stock, i have tried to do skins but i just am not that way inclined. So if anyone wants to do one ill love you forever if not its no problem as my dad used to say if you dont ask you dont get lol.
  11. Sure Nick. No problem I'll get a Street Stock made for you. PM sent. :)

  12. You Sir are a bright shiny star in the blackness of space :p

    Thanks alot Will
  13. The GT looks great

    and that forza paint must have taken ages :p

    dit also a few forza paints and its hard :p compared to iRacing
  14. Street Stock paint for Nick Brooke. Enjoy!


    Also finished this RD Ford GT. Thanks to Joe for the base paint. :)


  15. Wow Will my skin is just how i imagined, thank you so so much mate
  16. Nice job there Will... Looking good!
  17. Will how hard is it to tracnspose the zebra stipe to all of my cars?
  18. Shouldn't be too hard to get the Zebra stripes onto your cars. Only thing that'll be a bit time consuming will be lining up the stripes throughout the template. Which cars were you thinking about putting this paint scheme on?
  19. Well will mate i was not trying to give you the job bud. the cars i use most are Trucks, mazda mx5 and the star mazda, skippy. I just wondered if its something i could do being a total noob or not mate