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Williams reveiled new colours

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Nick Soudant, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Here are some pics of the new paint scheme of the FW31

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  2. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Is it only me, or blue is lightier than before ?
  3. Either the blue is a brighter colour, or the photographers have used bright lights on the car.
  4. liking it! I think blue is lighter. looks a little less bmw... if you know what i mean :)
  5. I think it's one of the better looking cars actually.
  6. Agreed. It is a beautiful car. People on F1 Fanatic have said that the black colour on the front wing makes it appear smaller, and so helps the aesthetics of the car.
  7. Still my favorite F1 team, they always have the best livery in the field, in my opinion.
  8. I like that it looks really smart!I preffer that colour to the old dark blue!