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Williams Renault FW 18 by warok

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by warok, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Thank you very very very very much!!!! =)
  2. mydriaz


    Nice one ! Thanks too.
  3. Bad
  4. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

  5. My season with williams is going to be good!! Thank you Warok!
  6. I'm not against criticism, but at least you could develop if you want me to pay attention to your post.

    Thank you for the other.
  7. you amaze warok awsome job my man :D
  8. Nice! mate! could u do one when Montoya was in BMW?
  9. Thank you for message, it really very pleases. Especially that I am really an amateur never taken by course(price,courses) or the other. I everything learned on the job (f1 2010)

    For the Williams BMW of montoya, fw25 if you wishes.

  10. Would be nice! I dont know if theres a big difference the 2004 paint but anyway I will be appreciated

  11. There is a nicotineCQ logo and BUD less on her(it) fw25 by report(relationship) has fw26 (2004).
    And the grey band(strip) and grey darken on her(it) fw26.
    Saw of eye

  12. Like the last one, specially the nose
  13. you can not change the shape of the car
    The design will be as if the photo of the FW25
  14. yup I know that
  15. the car looks almost like that of a, changing a little paint and a change in logo.



    tomorrow should be ok if I can find easily sponsor and difference in the painting.
  16. wow youre fast! u should make a video tutorial on how to repaint f1 cars and upload it to utube

    Thanx Warok
  17. I did the FW25 last year to move to the FW26 there is not much change
  18. I decided to be a little stricter in the choice of the realizations.
    There are several designs for every car in same one years of running(race)
    I do not support(bear) any more the persons whom we ask, who she(it) version, is who answers " magnificent etc. ", and have no it to arrive that once, while they just have a choice to be made.

    And contrary in imagines certain person, I am not to oblige to make cars.

    @Notlimah, His(Her,Its) grave on you, to sadden, but I do not support(bear) any more certain reflection. You can choose the version which you wish. To see indicating to me the running(race) or the design pleases you most. AND also verify the rest of the car if the design is to modify in the course of season.

    Example: 3 versions for the same aileron.


  19. Great work.