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Skins Williams Race/Pitcrew Uniforms 1.0

Update for Wiliams Pit Crew, Driver Uniforms and Career Uniform..

  1. thedeadman2007 submitted a new resource:

    Williams Race/Pitcrew Uniforms - Update for Wiliams Pit Crew, Driver Uniforms and Career Uniform..

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  2. can you update team crew on the paddock??
  3. If you read the information this is something i have been also trying to do but every time i put the files back into the game it causes the game to crash on me.. as i say its still something im working on
  4. thanks a lot.:cool:
  5. thanks for the post massa... like I said in the information and the post above, it is something I'm working on when I get a chance but I was up to 3am UK time this morning trying to get it to accept the Race Crews edited file.. I have done everything the same as I did for the drivers and the pit crew but it still just makes the game crash... I'm not sure if because they are a bit part of the career cut scenes that might be why its causing issues but as said before I will continue to work on it and will upload as soon as I can.. trust me I have ADHD so believe me when I say it bugs me that they are different lol but will keep you posted...
  6. Do you know how or if possible to change player career suit for player, eg like my career suit for Manor so its not blank white with no sponsors?
  7. I believe that the driver and the career race suits are the same file so when you edit that for your desired race suit it will change the real drivers race suit as well, sadly they havent seemed to make the career racesuit sperate from the main ones so unless you want all manor drivers in the same suit. I dont believe it can be done
  8. Cheers