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Skins Williams No Names & Proper Logos 2014-10-30

Williams for career mode with proper logos

  1. this one is just stolen from Mc Gregors Full Williams Team Mod, further it is just in DHD, which may be not compatible for every user and there is no information about that anywhere, no screenshots. Sry man, I reported the file.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2014
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  2. 260 MB for a texture? What the ... man? That's 6x the filesize of Mc Gregors DHD.
  3. Dude they are my own work. Mc Gregors was also similar to mine. Working on my 2015 mod
  4. yo bro..... why you are working on 2015 mod?? cannot understand that
  5. It is the rumored transfers of 2015. So sebastian vettel ferrari etc
  6. So, when it is your own work ... why, I repeat: WHY does the car, and only this of your collection, come in DHD? Maybe because it was only available (by @McGregor Kereama ) in DHD to begin with? :O_o: