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Skins Williams Martini Racing SD 1.1

Williams Martini Colours, Pitcrew, garage and team.

  1. McGregor Kereama submitted a new resource:

    Williams Martini Racing SD - Williams Martini Colours, Pitcrew, garage and team.

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  2. Last edited: Nov 1, 2014
  3. Yeah, i cannot update my full williams Martini DHD mod because of the Staff of Race Department, so yeah i would if i could
  4. it's ok ! check "wi2/livery_01/textures_high"- empty folder
  5. Thanks man.. Fixing now
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  6. Thank you so much. I have not a super PC, so i need this SD version. Well done ;):thumbsup:
  7. Awesome mod! :) 5/5
    Is it possible for anyone to mod the game the way that kimi is number 1 driver in ferrari and valtteri is number 1 driver in williams?
    it would make my f1 2014 career mode very good :thumbsup:
  8. Yeah someone could mod that easily... I may do this, this week if I have time
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  9. thank you so much! :), do you want shout out at my youtube channel, if you make the mod? :), i got almost 1000 subscribers and i make sport highlight videos!
    check it out: https://www.youtube.com/user/BKPHighlights
    If you decide that you can make the mod pls tell me about it,
    here in comment section or you can contact me via email: bkphighlights@gmail.com
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