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Skins Williams Martini Racing FW 38 1.2

Williams FW 38

  1. thrashersfreak submitted a new resource:

    Williams Martini Racing FW 38 - Williams FW 38

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  2. Good work. Just need the pit crew guys done now..........;):thumbsup:
  3. Gute Arbeit! Wie hast du es hinbekommen, die .tga.mipmaps Dateien zu öffnen?
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    Translation: Nice work, but how did you edit the .tga.mipmaps files?
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  4. English here please. Thats the rules.
  5. hello, thank you how to install skins
  6. Sorry. I was asking, how he opened the .tga.mipmaps files.
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  7. CW.


  8. Schöner Skin. Wie kann ich den installieren?
    How do I install the skin?
  9. D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2016\asset_groups\f1_2016_vehicle_package\teams and then you have to replace the .erp file with the new .erp file (sry for my bad english)
  10. Convert it to a dds from Noesis to export it as a TGA. Edit in Photoshop or whatever.

    To put it back, you have to use a hex editor like HxD Remove the 128 byte header at the beginning of the file and then rename the file to what it originally was and inject back into the game with the original file.
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  11. Nice Job

    can you making Realistic Damage Mod for the F1 2016 ? and Teams
    Strength Saison 2016 ? Mercedes,Red Bull,Ferrari
  12. I am already thinking of doing a realistic damage mod again
  13. Thank You!
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  14. Great ! Thank's a lot !!
    can you add Martini logo ?
  15. CW.


    Unfortunately you can't add the martini logo because it would be mirrored (backwards) on one side of the car
  16. Does this work with the new patch does anyone know?