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Skins Williams Martini Racing Barcode Logo 1.3 FINAL!

2 Versions, with & without "Bottas" names on car & suit (meant for carreer)

  1. Last edited: Oct 23, 2014
  2. ok as requested I was searchfing for pictures of the real car, to figure out the fonts and some other detail stuff. thereby I found a lot of minor details which are different to the current version. So I´ll keep up working on this skin, trying to make it something really special. This may take a bit, as I don´t want to update it up to version 25.xyz or so. I hope the next (hopefully final or at least very close to it ;) ) version will be uploaded in the course of this evening. So lets get this party started! ;)
  3. bolz3r updated Williams Martini Racing Barcode Logo with a new update entry:

    small fix in reflection files ; added a martini logo version (mirrored) as requested

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