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Skins Williams Martini (No Mirror Effect Alternative Style) HD/DHD 1.0 HD/DHD

includes 2 versions of the car, noname and original names, see description

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  2. Thank You
    Very well done :thumbsup:
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  3. Please! SD Version :redface:
  4. Yeah, SD version would be nice! ;)
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  5. Please, Please, Please, Please, Please... SD Version :cry:
  6. You can do that by yourself. Just copy the wi2_gen_low_main.pssg from textures_low folder to textures_high folder and rename it to wi2_gen_high_main.pssg and you're done.
  7. If i remember correctly, i check that, and the "low" pssg file its the same "high" file... (HD Version)
    I will download it again to check again! :roflmao:
  8. I meant that about the HD version yes. You cannot do this with the DHD .
  9. It's possible to have a standard camera ??
  10. I check it, and have the same file for both folders... :poop:
    I know but seriously would you like to see the teammate driving around with a 1024x1024 sized texture? That would be too dull. Having 2048x2048 for both high and low texture is enough IMO
  12. Hi! BMW WILLIAMS 2004 bőr?
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