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Helmets Williams Helmets with Martini 1.0

The default WIlliams helmets with Martini added.

  1. madotter submitted a new resource:

    Williams Helmets with Martini - The default WIlliams helmets with Martini added.

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  2. I really don't fancy using the "EGO ERP Archiver 4.3" program but thanks anyway.
  3. It's the best way to get any helmet in game. It puts both files in both locations so there's no fading issue when panning in the TV camera view. I was going to upload them as the incardriver.erp and separate .mpimaps files but it would obviously overwrite any custom helmets each person had installed previously. I also have some custom helmets in the career mode and I'm sure most wouldn't want those so this seemed like the best way.

  4. why are you doing the mod is not finished?
    not everyone knows the EGO ERP Archiver 4 from
    are indeed !!!! tga files
    for Codemasters F1 2016 should be but tga.erp
  5. The main file is incardriver.erp which houses most of the dds files. If you have a mod in your game, it most likely will have files in that erp which means if I upload my files in that erp, it will overwrite yours and you will lose the files you had before. This is why the new ERP Archiver has been made, so files can be added without the loss of the current ones.
  6. You are wrong
    You do not have to upload also incardriver
    only mipmaps updated with new helmets
    because incardriver ERP recognizes the new mipmaps
  7. Okay, I'll try this then :)
  8. I haven't had chance to try this yet but are you 100% sure? I thought that when you only changed the mipmaps it caused the helmet to fade out from a distance? I was told that to stop this happening, you add the file to the incardriver.erp as the game uses the large image (mipmap) when close and the fades into the smaller version (incardriver.erp) for further away shots and without both, it fades away.

  9. do like this if you have a backup of original, just replace the original with updated and then go in incardriver and you will see the original helmet will be there
    I think that at distance fade Career helmet if you change it but i am not 100% sure