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Skins Williams FW36 - Racing Livery (Bahrain GP) HD 1.0


  1. Ayrton_Senna88 submitted a new resource:

    Williams FW36 - Racing Livery (Bahrain GP) HD - skins

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  2. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    The 19 needs to be changed to the correct type.

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  3. please excuse me if this has been repeated.....
    Is there a way to get both sides of the martini logo right??
  4. No , there is a mirrored effect on the skin that dont let us do the right liveries...codemasters lock up everything .. so we are caught to play with the original Melbourne Liveries :S
  5. Thank You very much for the reply.
    I still say a Barcode DHD-HD model would be very satisfying
    and martini logo on rear wing
  6. Very good work! Little things like this help make the game that much more authentic.