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Skins Williams FW35 2XHD 1.0

2XHD skin of williams FW35

  1. Williams FW35 2XHD by Rian Speed - 2XHD skin of williams FW35

    Hey folks how you doin there! I've missed you guys a lot through these days, didn't even have the chance to fire up f1 2012 this year... :cry: I'm glad to see you guys still keeping up amazing works here. ;)

    Anyways, here it is the FW35 in 2xHD. Worked entirely from scratch in crispy 8192 X 8192 resolution. Its not very updated - guess its the one from Malaysian/Chinese Grand Prix I don't remember well. I made the skin during that time. If i have any chance I'll release an update.

    Try it yourself! :D





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  2. Very good work! Thank you very much!

  3. Now this is what we call true art!.Amazing as always, thank you :thumbsup:
  4. Back with a BANG............:thumbsup:
    Welcome back buddy. :)
  5. sweet jesus, that looks like PS4 quality.
    Look at that man, LOOK I SAY!!

    Nice work,
  6. I'm speechless :speechless:,,,, Lovely and Amazing Job As Always.... Thanks For your stuff :)
  7. crispy 8192 X 8192 I love,thank you,glad your back.:cool::thumbsup:
  8. I like your Keyshot setting :thumbsup:
  9. Nice Work. Thank u !! ;)
  10. nice thank you, me being abit picky here but can you make the t cam maldonaldo's car black
  11. You're not going to have quality in 2048?
  12. or in 128 x 128?
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  13. can we put it in the game? and where?
  14. c/programfiles/steam/steamapps/common/f12012/cars/wi2
  15. Lovely job as ever Rian. Thanks.

  16. thank you very much!
  17. i only have wi2. is that ok?
  18. Wi2 of course.W1 was the name of the folder in 2011.He just miswrote it.

    CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable GoPhoto.it
  19. it has been changed now sorry :cry:
  20. Hi
    please can u tell me haw to make a main_specocc file