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williams FW34

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by warok, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. thanks a lot. great.;)
  2. thanks :D. I wait for force india
  3. It is her(its) the probleme you wait, I have to ask for the help(assistant) of a person, but nobody not my answered, nevertheless it is not hard that I ask for. I ask no more that that you made for LOTUS E20.

    But well I am surprised, when I see that since the publication of the version 1.42 of lotus, there was less than 3 % of thanking.

    117 download of the version 1.42 for 3 thank you.

    It is not for the glory, but at least for the respect of work.
    especially that force india is well advanced

  4. thx a lot, warok ! you make always a good job.;)

    It is sooo hard to say : THANK'S MERCI DANKE GRACIAS !!!!;);)
  5. ;)

    If my proposal interests you for debugging force india told me.

    We just have to edit a picture, post it, a good look, a little time and have pictures of the last force india.

    Then you have compared, checked all the "borders" and the rest.
  6. Perfect work man, congratulations :)
  7. I 'do' skins for aircraft in IL2 and Cliffs of Dover, not being thanked is normal I am afraid, I had tens of thousands of downloads from one site and about 300 'thank you's'

    Many thanks for your work
  8. the worst for me is the Williams F1 Team FW28 request of a member, he did not even thank me.
    Otherwise the Force India and sauber are 80%, the Ferrari was 10-15%.
    The sauber will certainly be the next.
  9. I think not that I would be the right one for it. I know nothing about modding, my English is bad, et je ne parle pas bien fran├žais. .:(
  10. You does not have has to modder, you just has has to verify the paint(painting) and sponsor on the car. And you sends me your tale returned under with an image and a small text. We just have to be of friendly on the legend has to use.

    To make fast
    Red cross for error, green square for lack or blue circle for a symmetry.

  11. Thank you for photo, I have to use color of the year last one who seemed to me very close, I go to see(visit) to modify it.

    I go to see(visit) if he adds of the other sponsor of senna, to bring 5 millions and not not etre on the car:confused:. And williams has for habit to change skin.
    The color of the system of DRS is not good
  12. ok, mon ami, let's do it. i will try to help you. (That all for a NO THANK YOU:D)
  13. ok, I'm sending the car by mp. TU uses the legend you want, but it is clear.

    Tomorrow stake has in the daytime of the color williams in front of the cockpit (thank you camopi)
  14. i don `t downloading, but i say thx for your works ^^
  15. thanks :) .

    I wait for force india
  16. thanks for brilliant job!!!!
  17. When do you release VJM05? You will do the RB8 it?