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williams "FW33" 7 version

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by warok, May 13, 2012.

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  1. which texture is the best for the final races ?
  2. I'm not sure I understood your question.
  3. Don't worry warok, it doens't have sense. He just asked which one of the 7 models is better for the final races, why doesn't have any meaning. The 7 models are the same, they are just textures are you say, they don't increase the speed or anything, the 3d car is the same.
  4. a big THX for your work, my friend:thumbsup:
  5. hi warok, my friend ! i have talk with pitti59 and he is looking for the actually version (texture) of the last race in spain and he asked me which version of your skins are the actually.

    Thx and greetings from germany:thumbsup:;)
  6. It is about the version 2011, Him(It) thus want the version 2012?

    I deducted of are message who wanted the version 2011.
  7. yes, he want the 2012. sorry , i have think also that it's 2012...:sick::rolleyes:

    helps to read... i am so blind...:whistling:
  8. OK, you can cross(spend) the link.
    She(It) left very far, pages 11.
    My small fit of bad temper, since my stake has in the daytime of 23/03, on 1020 new download and zero thank you.


  9. oh, :( i see, it's a shame !!!!

    your work is always sooo good and sometimes so fast, so that i can't understand why is it too hard to say "thanks".
    It must be possible !
    this english word knows everybody !!!!!!!!!