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Cars Williams FW23 F1 2001 1.2

f1 williams f1 car

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    F1ItaModding - Williams FW23 F1 2001 - f1 williams f1 car

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  2. Very good job, thank's at all our team !
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    Assetto Corsa - F1ITA MODDING TEAM - Williams FW23 F1 2001 1.0 @Nordschleife T500RS 60FPS (Cockpit-Cam)

    Assetto Corsa - F1ITA MODDING TEAM - Williams FW23 F1 2001 1.0 @Nordschleife T500RS 60FPS (TV-Cam)
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  4. It feels fine, even it's not as brutal as expected.
  5. Why I get instant wheels lock when I press brake pedal? Even when I touch pedal? The same thing happens on Ferrari 2002 mod. I use AC v1.5.3. Tnx!
  6. we never had this problem also with 1.5.3. Which wheel do you use? Linearity brake value? Maybe could be a setting problem....
  7. I'm using Thrustmaster T150 steering wheel. You mean break gamma or something other? Breaks behave the same at values 1.0 up to 5.0 on break gamma settings. On other mods everything works just fine.
  8. I've just tried break gamma set to 5.0 and ABS on, and now everything seems to work just fine, but I don't want ABS on. I turn off all driving aids when driving F1 simulations.
  9. yes I mean brake gamma. For normal pedals, default valure (2.4) is a good starting point. 5 is to high. In general update to the 1.6.3. We tested it with the last update. To be sure please update.
  10. Very good job, big improvement since the first release, it's a pleasure to drive with this car,
    thank's you at your team !!
    just a question, i play with an xbox controller :'( and the 7th gear don't pass with automatic gear...any tips to help me ?
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  11. Thank yoiu very much :D we are happy you appreciated. Thanks for the report. We will check and try to discover where the problem is. We let you know!
  12. how thank's for to your rapid help !!!
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  13. thank you
    Assetto Corsa - MSF Modding Team - Williams FW23 F1 2001 @red bull Ring GP T500RS 60FPS (Cockpit-TV-Cam)
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  14. Assetto Corsa - MSF Modding Team - Williams FW23 F1 2001 @Nordschleife T500RS 60FPS (Cockpit-Cam)

    Assetto Corsa - MSF Modding Team - Williams FW23 F1 2001 @Nordschleife T500RS 60FPS (TV-Cam)
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  15. Best sound of an f1 v10 engine of any mod i have used!!
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  16. The most common cause of this (not saying it's the case for you) is that people don't realise that AC calibrates the brake pedal when you start driving. You get to corner 1 and it has no calibration yet, so it locks straight away and you instinctively take your foot off the pedal before depressing it fully. As you never get to depressing it fully, AC assumes your pedal has a shorter travel and never learns that it doesn't. This catches me out too without ABS, especially with F1 cars.

    Basically, make sure you depress the brake pedal fully ONCE, then it should be easier after that.
  17. burrito

    It's an opinion, nothing more, nothing less. Premium

    It's because you are running on AC 1.5.3

    Version 1.5.5 introduced brake pressure as a setup parameter to the game. This mod probably has this as a setup option (as does the F2002). Which means if you use a version of AC before 1.5.5 that setup option of brake pressure does not function in a correct manner, resulting in the instant locking you are experiencing.

    The only way to fix your issue is for you to buy the game or, if you do own the game, update it to the latest version through steam. This is not an issue with this mod or the F2002, it is entirely on your end.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2016
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