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Skins Williams BMW-Motorsport 2.0

3 Skins for Williams. Replace Martini for BMW-Motorsport.

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    Williams BMW-Motorsport - 2 Skins for Williams. Replace Martini for BMW-Motorsport.

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  2. OTIMO TRABALHO tem Como voce Colocar OS Patrocinio da mercedes NA EQUIPE manor
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2016
  3. Ehhhh, it looks nice, just replacing the wrong team imo. Williams Martini with a red stripe skin is a staple of the overall grid. If you replaced Toro Rosso with this, that'd be brilliant.
  4. I suggested a few days ago to use the Blue Williams skin made on F1 2015 as your basis, and just replace the Martini logos with BMW stuff, keeping the stripes, as well as replacing the Mercedes parts. Though I get what was trying to be done by removing the stripes.
  5. Hi,

    looks great, but i'd like to know, did you really made BMW engine power in the game or you just edited names?