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Skins Williams BMW FW25 (2003) 1.0

Car skin only

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  2. Let me ask a stupid Question m8,,
    You know the top 3 photos did you take these inside photoshop CS6 Extended ,,
    And if so how do you get the 3D part on?
    I installed it about 1 month ago and Could not see the 3D part at the top in the Toolbar box,,
    + When I try to bring .tga files into it ,,It says can not load this because its not the right kind of document ,,
    Do you need to install a new Nvidia plugin for the Extended Photoshop???-+
  3. Firstly you need extended version of photoshop to get the 3D tab in photoshop.
    secondly this is not photoshop.These screens are made using Keyshot 4 for renders.
  4. Not seen Keyshot 4 .. Is it free to use ill have a gander now m8 thanks,,
    And by the way that Skin is pretty Slick;)
  5. Just downloaded Keyshot 3 Trial,,, I used PSSGManager exported highLod Model as .obj
    Open Keyshot ,,, There is just the car without any textures at all and no wheels?
    I looked on utube Could not find any videos to show how this is done unless I was typing the wrong keywords?
    Do you need Keyshot 4 to see all textures or what are thye steps you need to take to get the model and all the textures inside Keyshot with wheels?
  6. Open a conservation with me please and let's discuss that over there, don't waste the space on this thread.
  7. Could you make a williams replacing skin please ? And more fantastic would be if you or someone else could make a williams complete team with drivers garage suit helmet and gloves of 2003 oder 2004 as a williams replacing...
  8. I will do the whole 2003 season so don't worry about the team, it will be done :)
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  9. fantastic great. How far are you with it ?
  10. Right now, Alonso's , Raikkonen's helmets is done.
    The mclaren, ferrari, renault, bmw ,, sauber is finished. Honda will be done next.The project is still wip and the team isn't online so currently only I work with the mod which makes it quite difficult.
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  11. w1n1x excellent work, you or someone else can do a complete garage BMW 2009 with drivers suit helmet and gloves?
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  12. Folks, even though @w1n1x is pretty patient with you, please post your REQUESTS in the REQUEST THREAD. I fail to see what is so hard about this.
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  13. W1n1x, can I kindly ask you if you could open a thread for this explanation. I would be interested to know as well.

    Kind regards,
  14. Usually, these matters would be discussed in the Modding Questions thread ;-)
  15. What are you interested in?
  16. @ Matthew year the Modding Request thread. I hate this thread ! Ive posted like 20 request and didn't get one answer.
  17. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium Member

    You have to understand that it is not like: You post something and someone will do it. They do it in their free time, normally they just do reqeusts which they would like to see, too.

    So you have to be lucky.
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  18. I understand it. But thats why i post my request in this threads.
  19. Yeah, sh*t happens. But a while ago requests were BANNED from threads other than the request thread, and that's for a reason. The staff at RD don't want threads like this one to be spammed with requests, so please refrain from posting requests here.
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  20. On how to use keyshot and see the car livery and wheels