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Skins Williams - Blue Livery 1.1

A blue livery for williams (with barcode for engine cover)

  1. KeisariKine submitted a new resource:
    My blue Williams livery mod. I'm open to ideas and if someone knows how to change the number color I'd like to know.

    Williams blue livery mod - A blue livery for williams (with barcode for engine cover)

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  2. Been waiting for this since before 2016 even came out! Love that you added the logo on the front to be seen with the T-cam. Hoping for a crew update as well. Will try this out when I do P1 in a little bit.
  3. 5 star rating left, with my BMW suggestion tagged along with it like in the WIP thread if you wanna stretch your fingers a bit more. Thank you very, very much. Defo will use it in career mode at some point!
  4. Nice !
    Anyway to have white or brigth blue (like rexona) colours for the numbers ? :)
  5. I've tried but no success so far. If I find a way I will add that
  6. Copy sir ! : )
  7. I can now edit numbers, but to completely do them I'll need to do all 99 separately. If you tell me your numbers I'll do them first and then update slowly with the others.
  8. I'm #2...or was it 4? I'm one of the single digits. May as well knock those out since everybody loves single digits in motorsport.
  9. Going to add the single numbers and Massa's and Bottas' numbers to the mod today. Will slowly add numbers through time.
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